Star Nation Mall on pheminorum


Star Nation Mall is on phem, and has been around for sometime, we wanted to increase that size of the mall before posting it the forums.

Star Nation mall is a mini mall, it isn’t a big mall compared to other mall, the mall still has room to grow a bit more add about another 5 to 15 shops depending on demand, at the moment we have enough space for around 30 to 35 shops, and we have a few shops there already from people that have encountered the mall, at the moment we are the only mall on phem.
If you would like to set shop in the mall come by and get a spot, we allow a 2x2 spot but shop owns are allowed to go up or down are much as they want as long as they stay in the 2x2 area, and there one spot that’s 2x3.

To get to SNmall, there’s portals at:
Ps biitulia
DK mall in SN legion shop
Hunt hive

Please make sure you read the signs if you are interested in making a shop.



The mall hub also acts as our main hub.


Glad the pics came out mate. :slight_smile:

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Star Nation mall is looking for shops that, sell items that people are interested in, like forged tools, mats, etc… if anyone is interested out there in opening a shop in mall, consider Star Nation mall for a possible location.

Someone on discord just said Star Nation Mall is disappearing?
Everything ok?

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@Lancelotz @digbycceasar

He said everything is fine :+1: They are removing it all and moving to Tana.


That’s a lot of plots! Good luck guys :blush:

We found found a nice island, so we decided to move, I would say that we kinda used the compact system as an excuse to move, that and we just didn’t have the plots to plot it to prevent it from not being compact, the yen guild will probably still where it is, and SHG digby’s guild has taken over the island. Just like a lot a settlement, SN wasn’t designed to handle the compact system. The new place is being plotted with compacting in mind, so we shouldn’t have any problems. Before long we will be on the top 5 of tana. We are already at 300k

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Once it’s set up let me know I’ll save you guys a good portal spot in my mall hub :blush:

If you could rename both signs in our shop, to Stars Hollow Shop, And if possible change the gleam color to purple or blue or white, also we will consider the portal in the dk mall hub when we get set up, but for now we have the portal from the shop to the new place right outside the shop.