Starter worlds


So am I right in understanding that there will be a choice of 2 starter world’s, one where the mobs are passive until you attack them and the other the same as the current starter worlds such as Therka and Solum etc in terms of the mobs, and that these starter world’s will only have most of the basic resources for us to get through the tutorials with. And that the idea is we leave them to go to the next level world’s to initially settle as these world’s will have a wider range of resources such as the silver, gold, titanium, tech components and devices etc so really it’s not worth putting too much effort into any building until we leave the initial starter planet.


this is the current play i think (starter and a tier 2? (known as survival?) but regardless if they add more start options you will never be attacked unless you attack first (until level 8~) but on starts you will Never? be attacked regardless of level (until you do)

as for the materials themmselves planets will be known as Coal/metal/blink/lush/etc although i do not know if this would officially reflect the resources they hold (i would assume it does though)


Sounds like you have it right yes


Do we know if there’s any significant difference between the starter planets in terms of topography and resources other than just the passive or aggressive nature of the wildlife?


Oh there will definitely be very significant differences!

One example: In the test universe, there’s an ocean planet, entirely covered in water with just a few small mountainous islands jutting out from the ocean

There are also a great variety of surface plants and such that will vary by planet as well

The size and shape of trees and bushes are also very different - there’s a ton of variety between planets


Does that go for the initial starter planets?


The starter worlds are definitely different but there won’t be any insanely big differences because the world does need to be easy to start off on. I don’t expect much difference than color scheme and landmarks and such on the t0 worlds. The color scheme makes a big difference in itself though


Ah ok, that’s what I assumed … I was just curious if the starter planet with slightly aggressive mobs also had slightly more resources but I guess the main difference is just for those that want a little bit more of a challenge from the off.


It might have slightly more resources - but I doubt it would be a significant amount, if any


On Testing they are both Tier 1 so their resource profile should be identical.
Not sure if that’s intended for live though.