Starting an Oort Guild

I am recruiting for Baketora Den,

I’ve already made the guild web site at

I plan for it to be a free, casual, and fun guild.
In fact, the recruitment form is exactly that! XD
I have a TeamSpeak server already set up, too.

I’m planning on having all different types of events,
having the whole guild collaborate on events and etc.,
building a guild place in Oort together
and just plain old “having a nice time”! :smiley_cat:

Anyone can join as long as they have a good attitude!

Please stop by and check out my guild!

( Feel free to ask questions in the comments below, this is a forum after all! lol X3 )


Hey Rintoki

There are also plans for an Oort Online guild. Another guild. May we cooperate in future…

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Ah! Are you apart of that guild? :smiley_cat:

I’d be happy to do co-op guilding! ^w^


Foundet the Guild. :beetle:

Sure, let us start. :cow2:

What shal we do now? :dolphin:

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Wow, you’ve taken a lot of initiative into this. What kind of place do you plan on making a guildhall/town, and on which world?

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Your guild web site looks amazing! Plenty of :heartpulse: has gone into it.


Yepp, I just joined … As long as the game is in development I feel no preasure to find a special guild, so why not join this casual one? (also because my Jumping Park in development is right next to your beacon ^^)


I was thinking of doing something like a large add-on type building on top of the mountain,
or just a nice-looking (tree-)house above a grassy cliff,
and the true guild place will be in one of those mountain holes/caves/openings.

My imagination told me that there would be one bright light where the underground entrance was,
then we enter to see a big and lively place! :smile:

I have it drawn out, actually,
I can post it if you’re interested! :3

But, my plans are only alphas, they don’t control the future ( when the guild is filled ).
The plans I have are only a starting point/template! X3

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Oh, thanks! :3

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And casually accepted! XD


You can join my guild so it’s easier to contact each other,
I’ll make a tag just for you (and your guildies), too!

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Hello all

So, all the Oort Online Forum members:

Since yesterday we cooperate,; so, the Guild from “Rintoki Kurosaki” - “Baketora Den” and our Guild the “Lungta Guild”. The Guilds are to find at “” and “” (and

We are discuss just know if it will be an 100% cooperation and friendship (that all the members simultaneously are memebrs from both Guild) or just a comprehensive friendship!

In all cases: Welcome to our Guilds.

Best Wishes


We need to plan a joint build someday soon.


Sounds good,
but it’s “Baketora” not “Baroka” lol :smile_cat:


Hey Rintoki

Thanks. Good to know. :dolphin: :smiley:

“Changed” ^^