Starting second page


Have some questions in this area. Just leveled to 50, didn’t think to mark that I was starting a second page, so don’t know what happened to any experience I gained since then, did I lose it?
Next, marked the second page as the main page, but how does that work when I go to another planet? Do I still have all the protection that I have on the first page? Or as I as a total new player, nothing and if so, then I am guessing I will have to switch.

For example. Marked second page as main page, that is blank. Go to Delta C to get green berries and bark. I will no longer have the skills from the first page now, I’m like a new player who has no protection, nothing.
So, I have to go back to first page, go to Delta C then when I finish and return home I go back to the second page. But what about if I experience, do I lose it?
Am I going to go back to the very slow speed with the hammer when I go to mine? Using the axe when I am cutting down trees? No protection from the hoppers, cuttletrunks? Able to run fast to chase the road runners?

Thanks for any help you can give me.


Skill pages are entirely different sets of skills. Only one is active at a time. You don’t have to have a skill page active to earn skill points for it. You will continue earning skill points as you level up past level 50, regardless which skill page you have active. Then those points can be applied to any skill page.

So in practice, it only makes sense to start using a second skill page after you have accumulated a decent number of points on it.


I usually start another skill set when i have around 60-70 points saved up.
FYI: There is a 15min timer unless youre in your home beacon.

The points you save up does not get wasted.


okay, so I have reached level 50, have the 100 skills I can get and have started a second page. In doing some work around my base I can see that my speed is a low slower, back to what a new player would have.
What about experience? Since I hadn’t thought to change the second page, Where did the experience go? Trying to understand it all, not sure on some area, the experience you get is what gives you the skill points, right? So, if I got experience while on Boori chopping trees, killing some of the snarly critters, and hadn’t changed to the second skill page as a set skill page, did I lose that experience? Just want to make sure I understand it right.


You don’t lose any experience what so ever.
The experience isn’t bound to a specific skill page but to the character.


Your 2nd skill set IS like a whole new character. You can continue to play your first spec until you have enough points to make your 2nd worth using.

Or you can split your current points between both and have two somewhat useful specs, that do different things.


Stay on your main skillset, you still gain 4 points per lvl after 50.


okay, thanks, that was what I was hoping I could do, stay on the main page with all the benefits and not lose my abilities. When I am at my home base doing things that it doesn’t matter, I can go ahead and have her on the second page.
Continue as normal but switch as needed but not worry about losing any experience.
Thanks again for the help


Thanks, Didn’t know that…