Stay boundless


Hello all. The Viking Leadership has decided to lift all bans on Vikings Planets. We know everyone made alts to get on the planets anyway. If you were banned in the past we do not need to hear about how you were banned and do not know why. You know why and stop acting like Victims. It is over and the future is up to you. The trolling of new Viking members needs to stop. We know this a gaming community and Gossip and Rumors are going to happen. Some Rumors we have heard are hilarious some are really offensive. The ones we want to address are misleading and just not true. 1. ( We are German and don’t speak English hence do not hunt with us.) 2. Another is saying ( We camp home worlds for new players) is a lie. We are always full and daily removing inactive players to get new players in the guild. We all just want to play the game in peace. Let us all try to be kind. We will continue to run our hunts on following days:

Wed. T4 8 EST
Thurs. T6 8 EST
Friday T4 8 EST.

We have been hunting these times for a very long time so Please try to not overlap hunts due to the low hunter count in the game. We understand not all people want to get a lot of OORT in a short amount of time using platforms. We know other types of hunts are wanted so feel free to go to whatever hunt floats your boat. We are just asking for all guilds and hunters respect other’s times. Let’s all have fun and stay Boundless!

P.S. If you have any questions or comments you can contact Director Mallsecurity or Officer Durazell by pm, we would like to keep post on topic.