Steam awards?

I wanted to bring up the fact that Boundless hasn’t been nominated for a single steam award this year.

I was expecting at least the “labour of love” category, which is for games that the developers constantly update and address player issues.

I think Boundless deserves this award, never seen a game with such a responsive dev team.

Lets hear it for the devs!


Absolutely this, they are so deserving!! :grinning: #1 with me for everything!! :grin::1st_place_medal::trophy:


Probably not enough players to get nominated. A few of the nominated games have an average of several thousand players on steam.

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I think superman should count as a few thousand votes :grin:

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it should get labor of love category! BRING OUT ADVERTIZING!

Boundless was technically released last year, and most of the awards were restricted to releases this year. That being said, there were just not enough of us nominating it for “Labor of Love” to beat out the 5 that were picked.