Steam Summer Sale


Ah, maybe it works differently with the US store then! I own standard but not deluxe, and it does seem to allow me to buy deluxe, I can add it to my cart ok and went all the way to the Confirm Purchase button though I didn’t finalize it. Maybe I’ll try it anyways in a few weeks here and see, if it works ok and no problems with the account then I can at least let other US users know that is an option for us.


Hmm, now I’m jealous, haha! :slight_smile:


Got it. A nice amount of new plots to play with :slight_smile:
Thanks for the tip.


I would just like to say James the title of them tunes OMG shocking :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No seriously will look into the deluxe on steam you guys do a great job keep it up ( a good tune headliner😝)


If there is music for titans then there Must be titans in the game too!
We just haven’t delved deep enough yet. Confer with the dwarves of Moria.
Perhaps a tool made of Umbris alloy will work? Maybe max Forged umbris bombs?


Update on this for any interested: It works for us here in the US. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Happy to be the guinea pig on this one, lol. Got the soundtrack loading now, everything seems fine with upgrading by just rebuying and didn’t seem to cause any issues at all…


So do I have to delete the basic game to purchase the deluxe edition on PS4?


Nope, I left it and it didn’t download anything that I noticed other than the soundtrack, just logged in and I was good to go with the Deluxe. :slight_smile: Now, I haven’t actually checked the plot and recipe benefits, but assuming from those login messages and getting the cubits and all that the rest is fine.


I just tried it

I deleted the basic game and no it still won’t let me buy the deluxe editions.
I hate PSN so much who are they to tell me that a can or cannot buy a game.

Sorry for my outburst I just love this game. (dam you PS4)


Are you in Europe? From what Aenea said, it won’t work there. :frowning: Not sure about other regions, just that it worked for the US store.


Yer UK :sob::triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Never mine I’ll just have to boycott PSN and get myself a PC .

Thanks :pray:


Good thing is, I believe that this game will run even on a potato PC. So it shouldn’t cost you a arm and leg like it would with such games as the Rage 2, Wolfenstein young blood, or others that my son buys.

Sheesh, what he paid for his computer !


With all respect, no a potato wont run it. At least not in a playable state that you could call game :slight_smile:
Prolly all GFX on low, lowest chunk load etc, but then you might aswell not Play.


Pretty sure @AeneaGames calls her pc a potato and plays it on that. Tho I’m not sure how much of a potato it is


Ehh, I don’t actually, lol. You might be mistaken with @Nightstar he calls his machine a potato :slight_smile:

I have a new PC since a few weeks before that I was not able to play it on PC, well, I used an Nvidia Shield with Geforce Now (streaming) to play it but that’s not a pc and never called it a potato :slight_smile:
My previous desktop was an iMac from 2011, it would’ve been able to run the game if the GPU wouldn’t be busted, had to disable hardware acceleration otherwise it would crash every few minutes which made anything besides some browsing and email not really doable…

My new PC is 2.5 weeks old now, has the following specs:

  • Ryzen 5 2600 3.9Ghz hexacore
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 500GB SSD
  • 1TB HDD
  • AMD RX580 8GB GPU
  • etc.

Don’t think anyone would call that a potato :wink:

Sure it’s not top of the line and can’t do recent games on Ultra settings in a 4k resolution but it can do Ultra in 1080p very nicely…


You do realise you will have to start over again, right? Since you can’t move your characters from PS4 to PC, sadly…


What I know about computer would fill a matchbook (that aged me, lol). I figured a $500 or $600 computer would be able to handle the game. I guess not. I know his PS4 and XB whatever cost him close to that, not sure of the amount.

When I think PC, I think only the CPU, not the monitor, keyboard, speakers or mouse, just the brains of the computer. My monitor is a hand-me-down from my son, who bought a new one for close to $2k dollars, keyboard I did pay around $100 and mouse around $50 and speakers were also hand me downs from my son’s old system, but these can all be bought for much cheaper. His PC cost him $6k and I think that is way, way too much. Most I would ever pay would be $1500 and that would be pushing it.


My laptop is about 8 years old. Maybe older I’d actually have to look. But i can play boundless with everything at max. Tho recent games id probably only be able to get away with low to mid. My pc was top of the line when I got it. Sadly that only lasts a few years


PS4 and Xbox 1 consoles are below $400 these days.

And besides a CPU you also need a decent videocard otherwise it might still not run well…

$1500 for a PC is kinda overkill for Boundless and I would not spend that on one right now, simply can’t afford that. My new PC was €800 and that was already more than I wanted to spend actually!


I can confirm this game runs even on my old athlon PC using a gt 730. Which is unfortunately my only gaming PC atm lol…maybe one day…