Steam trailer

So, I was watching the trailer for this game on steam and noticed it was a completely different one then when I started playing. very well put together!!! Amazing job team!!!

Atlas’s were in it this time. But I noticed a few blocks that I didn’t recognize at 1:06 into it. There was the mosaic,but the two blocks to the left of that block looked foreign to me. One was a pretty awesome shiny stonework looking block, and the other more crazy pattern. Does anyone know what those are?

Being a mason by trade, that shiny stonework patterned one gave me one of those cartoonish thought bubbles above my head and the smirk to go with it! Haha

Edit: to whoever built that crazy castle in the sky…I wanna hire you to be my architect on my real life home and fire the company I have now! Hahaha


Those are decorative Oortstone and decorative Darkmatter. Both not ingame yet.
The animated mosaic you see in the trailer used to be decorative Blink, but from what I’ve heard it’s getting a completely new texture and that’s why we got the existing one for the mosaic now.
Darkmatter, Blink and Rift are planned high end ores for level 8 planets.

If you mean the one at 1:26, that would be me. :grin:
Here you can find more Screenshots:

You can also find a replica on Biitula in the illuminoorti guild city.
Unfortunately all the portals up there are down currently and it can only be reached by a very long grapple.

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Good morning! And thank you for the descriptive response!

My gosh, that’s a beautiful house! Haven’t logged on yet today, but I’m curious to see your build on biitula.

Also excited to see those blocks take form back into the game, but I’m patient enough to wait for them to arrive back out. Tons of other stuff to do until then!

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Here they are!


Necro-ing this.

I think the trailer is in DIRE need of an update.

Like, it was difficult to watch. I think that current gameplay would look way more appealing to would-be buyers and I dont know about anyone else but I always watch the trailer before I buy a game.