Steggs is Leaving Wonderstruck


Mass Craft is an option though.


I think he means a Craft All button, that would allow all available crafts to be started with one click rather than 30


What i know… @SamF took steggs place… but he has other things to take care of too so.


No. I like clicking my mouse 100 times after mining trip


My hand disagrees strongly, im gonna wear out my X button


Conspiracy to buy new controllers


:rofl: yes!


I just tend to slap the LMB silly with my left hand, and get to 30 within like 3 seconds.

Though, I mean, that’s hardly on-topic.


I volunteer. Seriously.


You can have my vote @Orrian :slight_smile:


Off to a good start.


Undead thread!
I vote for orrian too :blush:


What is it that people expect out of a community manager that they’re not already getting?


Acknowledgement that the devs have atleast looked at various suggestions posted on the fourms, don’t need to state their opinions or debate anything, but its hard to know if were being listened too without such feedback.

To take it one step further, someone who can say “hey this is good but we cant add it because it would take too long” would be a nice to have.


But… the devs do this…


Clear concise information and working with the community to inform them of future plans and how to resolve current issues without having to speak directly with the dev team.

A community manager has one focus. The community. A dev handling community manager features is carrying too many buckets.


I’d agree if the community was large. We’re not large. Just loud.


In my experiences the majority of dev feedback appears either in acknowledgement of bugs, or when they themselves post testing updates. Separate threads rarely get feedback unless they accumulate a ton of replies and/or debate


Having come from Warframe, another ‘mmo’, I can absolutely say that community managers mean everything to a game’s performance.
I used to be a Guide of the Lotus there, before the program was disbanded, and let me tell you; People absolutely LOVE the weekly livestreams they make about community stuff, and developer stuff.
The community managers there are some of the nicest and down to earth people I’ve ever met, both on and off their job hours.
The way the community is handled in that game, is just absolutely fantastic, both on forums, and through other social media platforms.

Can’t stress enough how important the public image can be for a game’s success - especially these days!


Being a small team, the devs wear many hats. It’s just what’s required to get the job done. A community manager would be no different in a team this size. They would be expected to do more than one role wherever the business requires it. Steggs, whilst with Wonderstruck, wasn’t just a community manager.