Steggs is Leaving Wonderstruck


Cool! That will win my vote. And then just the ability to spray a metal white so I can make a rocket ship.


White marble, white gleam, silver trim.


I’ll have to try that


Just build it in the name of STARCOM


This happened a long time ago…about a year lol


Ah another super old thread. Hahaha.


This is what I mean, yeah. The community connection they have is a thing people (and myself) praise a lot, simply because they do get out and mingle with the community and really helps letting people know what is coming up soon.

Like the testing threads here, for instance, but also giving thoughts and such on relevant things in suggestions on that forum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Dont take this as any sort of official commentary on the matter, but since this thread has gotten so much attention I just want to put in my .02 coins on the matter.

@SamF is the official community manager at the moment. However many of you are probably unaware of this because he has a different set of duties and interacts with the community in a very different way than Steggs used to do. As I understand it, SamF handles in-game reports and interactions, as well as works with the people at Square Enix for promotions and stuff.

As for interaction with the community here on the forums, @james is the guy who reads all the posts, especially suggestion and support threads and makes sure the appropriate devs see threads that require their attention. I know from experience that James reads everything anyone posts to this forum, even if he does not immediately comment or react to it.

For the small day to day stuff, @Stretchious is your own forum leader, a player volunteer trusted and known by the dev team to take on the tasks of opening and closing threads, maintaining general order of comments, and assisting with disciplinary action when able.

While nobody really does what Steggs once did, that doesn’t mean the position is unfilled or that nobody on the Dev team reads your comments here. I think the excellent content and QoL and bug fixes we have seen lately is a testament to that.


Thanks for the summation. It is very informative, even if in an unofficial capacity.


Why? what qualifications, credentials and past experience do you have in regards to handling player behavior and/or PR work? I have not seen anything listed yet and almost everything I have noticed you posting after that statement, seems to have absolutely nothing to do with building a standing of why you would even remotely be suited for the role.

„So who are you and how did you get into my office? There is not even a door over there.“ - The Professor


You have done fantastic job for Boundless, wish you have a better future :smile:


He is the Leader of Iconic. Arguably the most active and expansive guild in Boundless. He has coordinated Networks, Farm’s, Hunts, Hubs, and malls. Maybe it’s not much…but we are also just having fun on the forums. Real interviews/applications would take place off the forums. IDK what he does in RL… But he’s a very social person online.

Im sure he make’s his own doors too… He’s got my pointless vote.


If that is the case then I will refrain from refuting the rest of your statement.


Thank you for your kind words Mittens. Iconic is a great community that welcomes everyone, hopefully we continue to grow. May success and failures in projects I have done. But you live and learn. How does everyone know about the doors?


Doesn’t Wonderstruck working with Square Enix means they’re not “indie” anymore, though?
Being an indie means you’re independant from a big publisher name.



I’ll admit, I don’t know what Square Enix brings to the table. ^^


Where you see this as credentials, I see a conflict of interests.

Not to be a buzzkill, but this is a highly inappropriate conversation to have, especially in this particular thread.


It’s not the full force Square Enix remember… it’s Square Enix Collective, which acts purely as a service provider for indie developers.

The developers retain full creative control and IP, so technically they are still “indie”.


The doors keep no secrets, you can see that through the keyhole. :exclamation::eye:- - -:door: