Sticky Mantle?! LOL

Okay… Why do we get stuck walking on mantle sometimes?

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Because the skin of a citizen when it touches the mantle automatically sticks for fear you might trip and fall over.

In reality? Idk. The mantle isnt chiseled so its not the chiseled edge stuck bug but a different thing i presume.

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:grin: Yeah… I want to know… I’m building down at mantle and its getting annoying…

there’s a pretty good explanation for that to be honest
see the thing is when you walk on mantle you kind of…nah i got no clue maybe someone below me does. :man_shrugging:

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Tin hat on here… maybeeee… it’s not actually mantle but tar-covered blocks :open_mouth:

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It could also be a living-being and we are walking on the back of some creature who lives in the center of the world :open_mouth:

IDK /shrug

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Maybe these are tthe creatures thay the titans are protecting. :0


was like that since alpha days, but I notice some chissel patterns can cause the same effect.

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Hmmm… :thinking: Is it meant to be sticky lol… or was it just never fixed… Hmmm

oh just word of caution… don’t start removing the mantle blocks :stuck_out_tongue: used some spare space I could make with removal of parts of it. And did have some spark lines vanish once. Was years ago though.

Okay… I’m just covering it… I heard some weird things happen sometimes :grin:

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Yeah definately safer not to wake the core of the planet…who knows what might happen then.

at least improve the mantle texture, just a metallic looking block with bad texture kinda ruins it for me. I don’t get the sticky mantle effect very often but I at least want the textures improved. Noticable that you’re at the center of the world but not too noticable. Maybe i shouldn’t be saying this because at least the mantle is easy to navigate when it’s exposed

Easy to traverse at about 4 Alt. :grin:

The electrical arc between a machine and power coil can destroy mantle…

The real explanation: Titans power pulls Oortians towards the core.

Afaik, it’s a bug that’s been known for some time :smiley:

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