Stone color being weird

You guys (devs) are probably aware of this but if you collect a new color of stone and bring it back on your world - then smash it to broken stones, you can only re-craft the color that is on your world (not the color it was when you first placed it).

Also when you collect the stone on other worlds by crafting broken stone, it will change to the color of the next world you visit when you teleport.

**Newly created stone doesn’t seem to stack properly with stone already in inventory either (of same color)


Hmm. Sounds a bit broken. We’ll investigate.

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would it be possible to get different colored cobblestones/broken stones? That would be awesome

Texture update (coming soon :train: :train:) has colour tinting on all blocks. Probably.


:o oh ma gawd
You can’t believe how excited i am :wink:

Im guessing its just not finished yet, but even though you can make different coloured stone chunks on different worlds - they will always change to the color of the world you’re on.

(can’t use different ones in one place)

Wondering if theres an ETA on being able to properly use different stone colors?

Been holding off on my build to be able to use a different coloured stone chunk but if its gonna be at least a few weeks I might just give in and build with the pink I’m currently stuck with. (not trying to rush it, just want to know)

A guess ETA is next Wednesday. The Elf responsible for the tinting tech and world meshing has been away on holiday for a week. Hopefully when they’re back on Monday we’ll get it fixed and into the next update. We took a little look in their absence but decided it wasn’t trivial to fix.


Well I figured out how to get different color stone chunks on my home world now (yay!), but travelling to another world or exiting the game and coming back still reverts any stone chunks in my inventory to the color of the current world.

Tried to bring every color to Ruchs at one point… it was pretty sad when I got there and they all changed to the same color!

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This is an issue for my current build project as well…

@havok49k @Apocalyptica I’m not sure about natural stone but for different coloured stone chunks just use the stone to craft slabs and bring them back to your world :smile:

I think we found some issues last week. Will hopefully have the fixes in the next release.