Stop the gleambow fighting please

:smiley: Next lebel pley

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I remember a time when a group of friends took over a motel and we shot fireworks at each over…funniest night ever…shooting gleambows would be alot safer.but they need to explode on impact…


Even though the meteors can be claimed by anybody, doesn’t mean they should…there are always going to be people who play solo, and don’t follow the forums who don’t get that there is a group doing an organized hunt from the platforms… in that case let them know nicely what is going on. Invite them to participate… everyone is welcome.

I think part of the problem is there are people purposefully poaching them… again… just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It’s not really the best way to make friends.

There are also a lot of people who are just after the Oort and will kill the gleamtrunks for you while you smash. I also got super lucky when @PrincessMaude for killing my gleam meteor for me when I got stuck in a cave (thanks to not being able to see the land while running on the water :scream:). I would have lost it , and what a waste that would have been… I didn’t expect you to give the gleam to me… but, that was super cool of you to do. :v:


I am only after the gleam trunks so my timers are always over 1minute each time. So I admit it get annoying when some people come by and smash metors with 40 seconds to go and I was there doing my thing. Then see them posting that the timers are to quick. So funny and annoying at same time. But hey who cares really. It’s game


So big question here:
When I was soloing, I was completing the bows so I’d get the better core, but when I’m in a group I let the others smash it unless it’s gleam which became fair game.

If I’m just floating around the planet go to others spawned bows and doing nothing but killing gleamtrunks I’d only be helping right?

I want sacs, oort, and gold more than the other blocks. Would rather have a large amount of multiple colors of ice than just adding 3 light grey gleam to whatever scraps I have now.


Gleambows are for everyone and can’t be claimed, according to the game rules and devs:

Just because you(not you in particular) can use augments on Event planets in the middle of naturally spawning GB, doesn’t mean you should. This is also causing augments to not spawn GB meteors, so people doing this are harming themselves.


It’s a bit of a conundrum, isn’t it?

Player 1 spawns meteor: “mine, don’t loot my meteor”
Player 2 responds: “you can’t tell me what to do - it’s free for all, go somewhere else if you don’t like it”
Player 1 responds: “you can’t tell me what to do, I stay, so stop looting my meteor”

Infinity loop.

Eventually the elite players will get what they want and also as a bonus to that, will make sure other players won’t be able to use their portals or facilities by blacklisting them. It’s already been thrown about in the chat threatening other players…


I am 100% sure I’m NOT saying otherwise… it may be completely within the game rules, but the community has also created social rules. So, while any Oortian “can” smash any and all meteors, they may not be free from social consequences… and I’m not condoning or suggesting name calling or violating TOS, but it comes off as trollish… and like I said… not going to make a lot of friends that way.

Edited to add… I want to make it clear that I would rather people not poach my meteors. I get they can… I would be completely understanding if someone really just didn’t know. In that case I’d turn them towards the platform and show them how to do it themselves… no one is excluded and it works really well.

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I saw some one threaten people would be blackballed… not sure where or how this would be a thing… I was wondering what they were implying.

No, only a CERTAIN group of the community has created those rules. I certainly wasn’t asked. So why do you think this particular group’s “social rules” take precedence over the general one Wonderstruck set up and therefore also apply to ALL other players - even the ones that were not asked if that rule was OK to be implemented?

Do you see where the problem is? Yes, within that one particular group that makes sense, if within that group, but you certainly can’t expect outsiders that are not part of this social group and were not asked whether they agree to these “special” rules to apply to them as well, especially since the rule setup by Wonderstruck clearly is priority to follow. Anything else shoudl be WITHIN that social group and not apply to everyone else unless announced so by Wonderstruck.


Nor do I, just repeating the chat and assuming this is true. Certainly all newbies - if it’s not true - would believe it. And I am not a newbie and wouldn’t even know whether that’s possible. :smiley:

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Stop this:
You are all equally BEAUTIFUL!


Yes, absolutely. I guess it’s how you choose to be about it. I had the reaction to join in and be a part of it. Because I can think of a lot of other places to go hunt… I had great luck running on Biitula and Boori. I’d just go do my thing someplace else. It’s just as easy to walk away rather than just aggravate people on purpose.

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And this is why we can’t have nice things. :grin:


There are some who are just doing it to troll people and like in life, wether you are right or wrong, doing something you are allowed to do or not there is always possibilities that there will be consequences when you do something that you know is upsetting someone else. Again it doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong or you are allowed to do so or not if you are purposely trying to make people upset you can’t expect people to play with you nice with you later . That isn’t a threat that’s basically a universal truth.

Oops it was supposed to quote only the last part of what you said.

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What I forgot to mention: In a way, someone else in the game decides how much fun I am allowed to have, because someone else has “special community rules”. That’s a bit daft, from my point of view, in particular as I wasn’t asked whether I agree with those rules nor Wonderstruck said so.

I get that. There’s also a difference between “someone’s just playing fair” or someone “really just wants to pee you off” - but it will be hard to figure out who does that unless they say so in chat. Then again, nothing wrong sending that to Wonderstruck and see what they can do.

It would be too bad if all the fuss resulted in fewer or no gleambow events in the future. But if it eats up to much developer time settling disputes and creates nothing but drama between players in here and in game, I would not be surprised.


exactly! why is this concept so hard to grasp?


I guess I don’t see it that way. If I didn’t want to participate, I wouldn’t stop others… I’d go to one of the other 49 regions in circa, (assuming PF 8 is the only one being used)… Or, I’d go to one of the other three planets and do my thing.