Stop the gleambow fighting please

I mean, we have exos now, I still think it would make sense to introduce a temporary planet (or 3, each region one) where these GB come down without affecting anyone else. Big groups could offer a portal to those planets and problem solved! :slight_smile: Everyone wins…

I don’t know that this wouldn’t happen on another planet… chances are you’re going to have a dud regardless off the planet. It’s also a minor-ish issue. It’s happened 3:35 times for me. The disappearing landscape when running on water is a lot bigger problem imho.

It shouldn’t be creating drama because what’s happening here is a complete utter generalization of what actually happening. People are acting like we are being completely disrespectful towards people and trying to prevent people from doing stuff and the vaste majority aren’t. People are completely overlooking the fact that most of what’s being seen is the community coming and working together as well as helping each other.
Besides the forums this has been one of the most positive things I’ve been a part of since I started on day one yet apparently the only thing that’s important is a few bad apples. It’s ridiculous how only the negative is being focused on.


Platform 8 is the only one being used… And you are 100% correct there is the other 49 regions on that planet that can be used :slightly_smiling_face:. The group and myself have limited the manual spawning event to just that region so this exact headache wouldn’t arise.


Agreed!!! I’ve gotten so much stuff and I’ve watched a lot of new players just scavenging the left overs (plenty to gather) and collecting lots of Oort…


Nope. They spawn 100% of the time, unless you’re on a planet that is spawning a bunch. So spawning them on an Event planet is the worst way to do it, if you don’t want to waste augments. :woman_shrugging:


And the limit is probably for technical reasons, as in lag etc… not game rule specific to make it more difficult on purpose…

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It might be the main reason why some augments don’t work but I can almost guarantee that some are duds. First night we did this we were no where near the amount of people that the 2nd and 3rd day and some augments didn’t work.

James said they spawn 100% of the time, so that’s what is in the code. The only time that would not be the case is if there is a bug. If you suspect there might be a bug, then please report it on a support thread so they can look into it.

If players would like to lower their risk of wasting a GB augment, they shouldn’t use them on highly active planets - or during high traffic times/days.


Then that is a bug you need to report since it should never be a dud UNLESS the limit has been reached for the planet…

Why does it matter if people are upset?

250 people play boundless at any given time.

3? 5? 8? Are currently annoyed that a gleambow they chaced down was a part of a groups and didn’t like the interaction that happened.

Not a big deal. We don’t need to restructure an event, remove a group or worry about the effects of this.

I dont think you could have an event involving 200 people and not have 5 angry about something.

Seems like a none issue being debated.


This is why we cant have nice things… all this baby sitting means less time to work on content updates.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves turning sparkly rainbow gifts into petty arguements.


If this is true then players need to stop posting complaints about other players “stealing” or “ poaching” or the other derogatory terms being used when the developers have stated that no one owns a meteor even if they used an augment to call it. No one should tell anyone solo or group where they can engage in the event. And in game if players on either side of the discussion find the other side using derogatory language in chat, they need to report it in game or via pm to the developers. Because the forum posts about issues with players seem to be dominating the forums. So if it is only a few players why is it creating so much fuss? My comments are not aimed at you personally.

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So the first thread is locked and a new one is opened!?!?!?!
I’m baffled I even read this thread myself and feel I have to repeat my question from the locked thread.

Have you all calculated how many spawned or natural GB’s you all could have been hunting instead of wasting time complaining about how other people play the game?

I just got chewed out for racing to a meteor and devouring it, simply because I wouldn’t play the game his way, even though I told him earlier I wasn’t interested in partying with him. Man, the devs introduce sacs, then everyone wants everyone else to adjust their play style to suit their interests. So guess what I did, I took my fresh timers, and my presence, and left the planet. Their loss.

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First off telling someone someone they poached or stole a meteor wether it’s wrong or right isn’t harassment and honestly shouldn’t be a big deal. Being derogatory and harassing people is another which I’ve come out against multiple times.

As far as it being this being a big deal because of the forums response I urge to through all the posts about this and count the actual people who said they are being harassed and you’ll see it’s not that many people. One of these people who is playing victim saying this is happening whole he just happened to be on a meteor is literally on the platform waiting for someone to spawn one and then go after it. The majority of the negative comments are coming from those who haven’t even been in that area what so ever and are complaining about something that’s happened to other while telling us how, when and where we should put augments.


You hit the nail on the head with your post. This has been a really positive experience to the majority of the people involved but yet because of a few bad apples the whole thing is being overshadowed by negativity. The unfortunate part is because of this negativity some that I have spoke to are reluctant to do stuff for the community in the future. I know this is the case for me, I had a huge build contest I’ve been working to set up and now it’s on hold indefinitely.

So far, I have only been name called by one person, because I am not sac originated, for a meteor I got to first. Actually, it’s hard to know if you get there first, if they are not on top of it. You don’t know if they are picking off trunks 40 to 50 blocks away. They just look like people who were chasing the same meteor you were, but you got their first, especially if they only turn up to blow your head off. When a meteor lands, everything is white, you can’t even see what the blocks look like until that glare disappears. Don’t you think it’s a bit unrealistic for people to stop at a meteor, check the surroundings, type into chat, only for some other person to take the blocks? Come On. Get real. It’s a race, first person who gets there, makes the choice. What they need is a flag that the first person can put down. At least you know when your being a douchebag or not. Because a douchebag on purpose, well that does deserve some name calling. If that flag locked the meteor, that would be nice.

Where did this happen? Because now it seems we are being blamed for something that has nothing to do with us. The time frame of your post leads me to believe this because the hunt on the platform isn’t going on and hasn’t been going on for the past 3 hours. We are all out hunting sacs,

I’m going to t5 to activate them, no one there, it is expected, rainbow meteors, since I use them in t3 or t4, knowing that no one respects, you have to know how to use it with your head, look before how many people are in the world and thus, be able play without being disturbed, if my augments are spent, I am going to circarpous I, to do more