Storage Blocks with doors/covers

Little doors would be more difficult, I guess. An additional recipe with optional covers would be welcome. For those places you don’t want your items to show and for which crafting tables would be unsightly.

cabinet doors! :smiley:

So put doors over your shelves? I’ve used trap doors so that people don’t confuse it as an exit


I guess you could but if you’re trying to hide stuff a full-on door is not the most aesthetic thing (at the moment, I saw the concept thread on better doors). Good idea but I was thinking more like they are now with little matching colour covers. If I’m using doors I might as well just put them in a room behind a door fully out of sight but that would require more pretend running. :slight_smile:

Just call a chest a chest…You want a chest…Now all the chest haters can start in about how awful chests are and how the current storage is superior… Hence why you attempted to beat around the bush on the issue!

Heh I really hadn’t thought of it that way. I just figured the dark stone variety of storage blocks are nice but covering them would be nice too. :slight_smile:

What! I have never! I love all chest!! Small ones, big ones, of all different colors and textures. I like looking at chests and having a nice pair of chest would be a great addition to my builds. In addition to current storage of course.


@Sulfurblade This is crazy talk! I’m a chest hater! Chests are awful! The current storage is superior!

I just love being able to see what’s where from a distance - without the pretend running :grin: thats my main love for the current storage. If you leave that in game, I couldn’t be bothered what else happens. Chests, luggage, wardrobes (won’t lie I’d put a portal in the back of my wardrobe too).


we do need auto sort i think and maybe a way to scroll your container wall in one go in stead of rewalking :smile:

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Yes arrows or Tab to cycle joined blocks of 3x3 would be great!

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Errrrrrrrr, I have just realised I can pretty much do this already by just placing them back to front. Obviously proper covers would be nice but… ahem. Apologies for being a dunderhead. :slight_smile:

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