Strafe Mode

Here is a QOL suggestion that would be handy. What if there was a hotkey to toggle “strafe mode” for building. Once under stafe-mode, your directional button presses are cardinal directions only and limit movement to one grid (block) per press. This would speed up and simplify block placement and chiseling because each “strafe” would zero you directly in the center of the block or grid.

Yes, yes, I know, if you are skilled, you don’t need a “bump-stop” to get your aim dead center in quick succession; I get it, I can do that as well. My point is this would be a QOL tool that would assist on tedious “drop-and-chisel” building methods. If it’s not too difficult to program in, then I think it would be a worthy addition.

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I think it would be hilarious to see this in action. I imagine it would be like watching a timelapse of the construction of a build :joy:

I support this!

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