Strange graphics phenomenon

I have just confirmed that i’m not the only one, 2 other PS4 users are experiencing the same.

I couldn’t find any relevant graphics changes in the update, but maybe i missed it?

I was just about to start a support thread about it. It’s a bug, all particle effects seem to be affected…

Have some good examples…

I think I really, really do not wanna see the fog or weather particle effects right now, nor am I going to equip a tool with quirks!!!

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Yeah, 100% can’t be intended. Breaking and placing compact gem blocks for example just explode in square color traces. @james

LOL, try eating some buff foods or brews!!!

Hunting will be ‘fun’ like this!

Time for a hotfix @james! :slight_smile:

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Regen Bomb:

Thanks for sharing the videos and images. We’ll investigate and get it resolved.

(Whilst not an excuse, we are all working from home at the moment and all the PS4 devkits are in our office. So we’ve been running with them remotely. Which as you can imagine isn’t ideal.)


As somebody who’s in a similar boat, having to debug apple-only issues without an apple device… i can totally relate!


I am on the PC looks 100% the same as yesterday to me. PS4 only issue? I am sure the Devs will work to fix this…

I’m sure you have enough stuff to go off but here’s a forge quirk:


It’s the same as the examples above for me and I’m playing on mac

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That’s not a bug its a new jelly world you won’t fool me! :laughing:


I have seen my head decoration floating on the left of my screen, it has happened a few times this week.

Perhaps now is the time to send me one of those devkits to help out debugging :wink: :smiley:


Sadly this is hurting my eyes so much I have actually had to stop playing. I went mining and it caused quite a severe headache.

On the positive side of things:

My laundry and dishes got done
It wont take too long to fix (I hope)



Definitely not just a PS4 issue; I see the same and I am running on a Mac.


It’s a shader issue on macOS and PS4 - we’ll have it fixed ASAP. Hopefully a hotfix early tomorrow.


I don’t know how to take video on PS4 ( without being logged into YouTube, etc) but when I placed marble blocks a weird particle affect kept appearing. I haven’t been able to get a screenshot of it. But I did get a picture of what beacon flames :fire: now look like.

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