Streaming the Exoplanet - I am not prepared for this [OVER]


I am live streaming the exoplanet!

I am probably the least prepared person for this level for exploration, but I have maxed out my atmospheric protection, have a few Diamond AoE Tools and have just downed a Monster (energy drink, not in game. Or in real life.)



was thinking about streaming but exolag stopped me from such easy ideas - you, Sir, must have elite cuttle power hardware and roadrunner speed connection, I guess :grin:


Hahah it went really well actually, I ended up going to Gotho very early in the stream - Vandar was not my friend :joy: But all in all, great stream and 100 Rift richer! :fist:


Hard to get them rifts when you have hash train coming in ^^ :smiley:


Haha @Hashmalash is next level, like a Nitro Fueled Hoover :joy: thought Iā€™d better move on to a quieter place to gather my rift :ok_hand:


Wouldve been good if he accidentally dropped you to lava haha