Strong Cherry farm

Would anyone be interested in a strong cherry wood farm? I had forgotten that I plotted 99.99% of the major sources of this particular wood that I hunted down. Just pondering the idea prior to putting effort into setting up a public farming spot, since I dont really build elaborate or pretty for that matter. Let me know below!

Couldn’t hurt. Set up a portal from a major hub and see what kind of traffic you get.

Where is this farm, my lady is trying to find this wood for her shop

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It’s in the Crypt Hub, on Finata


Just found it today, but also found an uplotted tree just like it, the Strong cherry market is soon to come :wink:

It’s always been around, though noone ever made a farm out of it for ease of access. If you start one we can link them together so two people can farm at the same time. It’s still a pain in the butt to harvest, as it is only like 25 logs max before you need to refresh it. Though I dont ever see anyone physically in there. Only signs people have been utilizing it

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Bro you have like 6 trees locked , like free some up for others or make a farm, my wife and kids wanted to build a home together out this but can’t because it’s monopolized. Seems kinda unfair.

Lol i gotta look whats the deal with these. Hhaha

Public farm is in the crypt at ultima. It’s a public farm. Bring regen bombs

This is finatas strong cherry right?

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No everyone plays like that, kids definitely don’t know how to forge and others like my wife just like to decorate and color, just seems like it takes a different part of the fun out for some people, just saying .

But it’s public, I don’t get it. What is it exactly that you want?

Not Munkeylord’s , he owns like 5 decent trees of this wood, all blocked from mining

Oh I thought this was the one in the crypt, my bad!

Uh, if you use the portal in the crypt
. You get cherry wood. Why is this all the sudden a problem. I’ve had these trees “monopolized” for many months and now there is a public farm to harvest them. If you would like, there are many bushes you can go and dig up that have this wood too.


lol , it’s a problem because big business just like you, is scummy and has to have it or make money off it, one public tree farm and you have 7, thanks though! I’ll just deal with it like everyone else. Nothing anyone can do.

If you think that shifty thing is making ANY money you are sadly mistaken. If anything I invested money into it and even put the bombs in there lower than what I paid for them so that a real market for this particular wood begins to grow. Dont be so quick to point fingers when you clearly dont have hee big picture in mind. I could have never opened a free to public farm to begin with and sold this wood at a rediculous price, but who would freaking buy it at those prices?! It isnt even that pretty of a color! it’s just a color noone has in quantity or the logs cost 100c a piece if you do find it. But even with it being free to harvest it will still be particularly expensive because of the time it takes to gather it vs every other type of ancient wood available. Pretty damn scummy of us to do this I know. Feel free to use the service if you wish. It is free to use by anyone. Can’t make anyone happy these days geez.

It’s part of the game, it’s fine to plot and control resources, and at least this one is public… If he was all like ‘big business’, then he would have plotted all of it (including bushes!) and trickle the blocks out… making a valuable resource… It’s a sandbox game, make of it what you will.

There are groups of small bushes out there, and if truly ‘anti’ public mining, I can PM you some locations so that you can get the wood ‘free range’

From my understanding, he’s setup a public farm, so I’m not sure what you’re whining about.