Strong Red Grass

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Hello my fellow Oortians. Does anyone have extra Strong Red Grass? It was from a T7 exo a few back. I’m looking for more stacks if anyone has and willing to depart with for trade.

I have 895 pcs of strong red barbed grass… no clue what the heck happened to the 5 to complete the SS but its available if you need it :slight_smile:

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Of course, I’ll take whatever I can get. Thanks :blush:

Are you online now?

Yes I am on

Where you want to meet? I can log back in quickly :slight_smile:

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Can meet you at TNT

Same game name?

LitlCapt is my main

Make sure you post pictures so I can see where the Strong Red grass went… that and to see your project :wink:

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Will do, thanks again.

And big shout out to @BabyCookie for a major grass donation as well!

I know I have some around, but rearranging all my storage so if and when I find it, I’ll let ya know.

Here is a little taste of what I am doing. Mixing 3 different color grasses together. Picture doesn’t do it justice though. Feel free to come check out in person at the Eternal Realm Sovereign Portal at TNT.

Currently I have enough Strong Red grass now. Got to go farm the Shadow Red now for more. Went out and gathered a few stacks just to do a test strip to see if I liked it and I did =)


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