Stuck in sanctum! Update All portals and visuals not working (updated)(resolved, possibly!)


Hmm looks like that character isnt being played on for a while. Left it for 30mins, reset the ps4, reloaded game etc. No change, totally stuck. As with other people with the issue my alts work fine. Shame this one is my gatherer and i need the wood it has!!


Mine was stuck for most of the day. Finally, it worked.


We have an idea what is causing this and should have a workaround in a patch which will be coming soon (hopefully later today). In the meantime we do think that it should eventually work if you leave it sat there for long enough, the expired exo world is triggering a very slow operation which is then preventing the new worlds from loading until that operation completes. So if you wait long enough it should start working.


Looks like we’re going to need to delay the fix until first thing next week. If you are finding yourself stuck and leaving it in the sanctum for 5-10 mins doesn’t seem to fix things another workaround should be to uninstall and reinstall the game, if you have a fast connection you may find this is faster than simply waiting.


Ahh next live release early next week then too!


Would a short term fix be deleting the game/save data from the PS4 and reinstalling the game since you’re saying it’s the PS4 being slow unloading the caches.


Just uninstalling and reinstalling should work for now, the issue is related to how we deal with cleaning up data stored in the chunk cache for the exo world that has disappeared, if there’s a lot of data cached about the exo world it hits a bad code path that takes a long time to complete. The space for the chunk cache on PS4 is allocated to us as part of installing the game and is thus also deleted and recreated by uninstalling and reinstalling.


Thanks, just looking for short term fix until it can be patched.


Lastnight the portals in sanctum were very slow and also kept saying that illegal protocol.The portals wouldnt open straight away and then when i did get through to my home i decided to go again to norkyna but trying to get there was a nightnare because it stalled so i couldnt move or do anything then game would crash and id be kicked out.So two nights this has been going on and its nothing to do with my ps4 or my internet because its 100%.So to sum it up all the portals i tried to enter lastnught and the night before were crashing and freezing up.Wander why this keeps happening because its mainly a problem after bug fixs and updates.Is it just ps4 that have these connection problems I already report all these issues straight away so its been reported im just added my experience here again so the devs can see here whats going wrong.


An updare has just been done today and im stuck in my sanctum and portals say illegal protocal.So much for fixing After ten mins im in lucky me.But now i am stuck yet again but with my alt character and im nit able to get through sanctum portals at all.Think i will leave boundless till this is fixed its impossibke to play if i cant even warp anywhere.Hopefully the portals will work later tonight.It says illegal protocal.So whats so illegal and why does it say this?Strange how they had a maintanence done and now my portal problem is even worse so what is causing this .


Can you try restarting your router? and which ISP are you using?


Boundless doesn’t ran well on the PS4 (not loading chucks of world and not loading portals) so I ended up buying it on pc, the only way I found to fix it temporarily is to restart my router and ps4 sorry this is the only fix I know of pal.


I already have restarted my bt infinity router and its no different.It usualy does work fine .Its mainly when the updates drop that this happens then it goes back to working fine.I will text back here tonight if it still wont work.Ive heard some peopke comment that the exo planets are interfeering with the connection.And i also lowered the chunk as it advises.Im sure it will zinc back to normal shortly as ive experiensed this exact issue before.Just thought best write it here so devs can look into this.Thanks 4 feedback though.


Cheers 4 your advise hun.Ive done this already but no joy yet.I will try again later tonight.