Stuck on login (Connection: Error 3)

As the title says, i launch the game it logs in then tries to connect, and gets stuck on a Error 3 that i cant get past.

Tried to verify and tried searching up the Error but i cant find any information on Error 3.

What platform are you playing the game on?

PC - Steam

I have same can’t connect error 3 i play on PC steam too

Same problem here. Steam user.

Suddenly worked again for me now, after trying for 15 minutes

This appears to be a problem on Steam’s servers, we ask them for an authentication token to log you in with and that api call simply isn’t responding. I think it’ll probably just start working again soon (and repeated attempts may get you in) but we’re monitoring it.

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Seems like it’s working again for us, I’ll keep an eye out in case it stops again.

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Agree. I’d not been able to connect. Suddenly it started working a moment ago.

That works thanks

Still Connection Error 3 :frowning: