Suggesting to implement plot map on/off switch or repositioning


The newly released plot viewer map (Release 229) is very handy, but it’s positioning in the middle of the screen is not good.
Therefore I want to suggest to either implement an on/off switch for the map.
Or to reposition the map to the top left corner of screen.

I am suggesting this since it distracted me while claiming new plots. It is even more distracting when we try to build in plot view mode, which we do for various reasons sometimes.
One reason is for geometrical building where we use the plot viewer to have it easier to count blocks for an even build. The other is to have an unobstructed view from snow.


How about both? Seems like the best option to me at least


I’d be happy if either got considered. In that regard I think the repositioning is easier than the switch since that one only requires to update the relative positioning and not a flag and menu option to be added.


Moving it is, IMO, critical.

A toggle would be nice.


Yes, yes and yes.

I will add that the devs finally introducing this across platforms is amazeballs (though a pc player, I felt for my ps4 brethren) but it does hinder my building. and I like to build…


Let the key be double tap.
First tap, build mode on,
second tap plotmap added.

Third tap, all off.