Suggestion: Beacon fuel limit per day

we’ve been there, discussion-wise, before beacon fuel has been introduced (and @Karokendo did actively take part) ; current state of things shouldn’t worry you as it’s temporary - this is testing stage, just to have them fueled beacons in game and working without bugs etc.


Afraid there’s no interest in connecting prestige to beacon expiration @Karokendo

Just invited you to a discussion I had with the devs months back before I left

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(Kinda late reply though but the subject interested me)
How about upgradable beacons? You have to get the right materials/coins to upgrade it (maybe 1 beacon level = 1 week max durability and every 5 levels you get a bonus 5 week).

**NOT just a different beacon tier system, where you have to craft a better tier then replace the older one, but just interact with it, then go to the “upgrade” section and put the items to upgrade it.

Goes like that:
Craft the original beacon, and place it, has 1 week maximum durability.
Level 1 → Level 2 = 10 wood + 10 leaves + 10 stones (= 2 week max durability at lvl 2)
Level 2 → Level 3 = 25 wood + 10 timber + 25 leaves + 5 coal (= 3 week max durability at lvl 3)
…and so on

Means that you have for each level:
1 = 1 week
2 = 2 weeks
3 = 3 weeks
4 = 4 weeks
5 = 5 weeks + 5 bonus weeks = 10 weeks
6 = 11 weeks
7 = 12 weeks
8 = 13 weeks
9 = 14 weeks
10 = 15 weeks + 5 bonus weeks = 20 weeks
11 = 21 weeks

I guess this system would prevent newbies to have a high beacon cap (as the shown problem), and it would on top of that give another feeling of progress where you are upgrading your environement


I think I’ve already seen somewhere that the devs already have a plan similar to yours. I believe the maximum fuel will be based on player’s level

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Well, that another good way to do so, but I prefer having low durability beacons over super long ones. It only takes a few to refuel it and it needs so little fuel to do so!

I know when you’re having a high level character it shoud last longer than newbies’, but for the RP side I prefer having to use different items to upgrade my beacon rather than just a simple “basic” cap per level