Suggestion - Boss Creatures - Easier to implement then you may think

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Basic premise: In my opinion, one of the best features the game has to offer revolve around meteor hunts - with it being one of the main multiplayer activities outside building that bring people together, anything that helps this is ultimately greatly beneficial to the game.

One relatively simple way this can be expanded upon is with the implementation of boss creatures:

  • These creatures would look like scaled up (roughly 1.5*) versions of their respective Elite Creatures

  • They would have a 1% chance to spawn in place of any Elite Creature, both natural and from meteors

  • Stat wise, these creatures would be identical to a fully buffed Elite Creature (in terms of Speed, Damage, and Armour), but with 6* the health of a regular Elite creature (keep in mind normal buffed creatures have 2* health)

  • In Exchange, these creatures would drop 5* the exp, and have triple item drops

I believe this suggestion is, compared to more advanced features like Dungeons or Titans, much easier to implement while still adding to the enjoyment of the game.

Thoughts? Don’t forgot to leave a heart if you think this is a good idea!


Do the game physics break if you scale monsters that big? If not, sounds great! BUT I’d rather see them being a more reliable thing and not based on RNG. Say the end of a meteor spawns one that you have to kill to complete it? Like a boss wave.

edit: Further though: some rng would be ok, I’m just worried there’ll be sometimes extremely long times between you seeing them, and sometimes you get a penta spawn.


I think anything that might take minimal effort on the part of the developers but add content is a good idea. A lot of players seem to be getting bored with the hunts as they are now. Maybe it is because they are pretty close to the same each time. A surprise boss might add a little uncertainty to the hunt. I would probably restrict this to the higher tier planets to at least try to make sure it was players with some experience and skills that were running into them.


That would also be amazing!

Another thought I had but left out of the main suggestion is that any “boss” creatures would automatically be of a lucent gem element type, but then I thought that might be difficult on tier 6 hunts if noone has the right element to fight it.

If you make the lucent boss a T6 only thing I think it’d be a good way to make T5+ more attractive. Are they weak only against the opposite lucent element, or do some gem tools get past the elemental resists? Just make them drop serious stuff, like maybe ichor? If it’s not worth it to go kill them it’d be bad.


Some do yes, but its a bit of a mess in terms of resistances. (negative means a damage bonus)

Not to mention making it harder to implement, with the whole idea of the thread being that the idea isnt that.

Can they be giant and a huge pain? Sounds menacing

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I think we are able to make too good weapons compared to what we are up against. I mean cmon… ive been just in few hunts but still felt like i could be there doing basically nothing. Few guys have top notch weapons that melts any creature in a second or again we just need more higher tier planets.

Not to sound like a downer, but I would not care for that kind of creature (nor would I consider this as meaningful content) because as it is, currently, most players can already be one-shoted by a lot of creatures.
What, the boss creature will kill me just by looking at me, Chuck Norris style?

I dunno, I kinda feel like the PvE aspect of Boundless is very very VERY lacking, and on that front, we need waaaaay more than just a scaled-up version of the mob that we already have, which loots that we already have, but in bigger quantities…
The PvE of Boundless does need dungeons, armors, more weapon-types, and actual boss with fun mechanics (less “direct hit”, more “throwing bombs around that you need to avoid” type of stuff).
That kind of issues needs to be adressed with a BIG update. Not band-aids.

Furthermore, I think (and I get that people might not agree) that Boundless also needs to be less punitive.
When I go in dungeons/raids in WoW, as a cloth-wearing dps, I can still take a lot of hits before I die. But in Boundless, even with the epic protection skill, I can get one-shoted by things I could not be ready for, and it feels bad, especially since there’s that death penalty debuff.
Though I’ll admit, I’m not pumping myself with expensive brews all the time, because I spent already enough time and money on the rest.
I don’t think the proper way to prepare for a hunt should be to farm for consumables.

I was well aware that many creatures can do quite a bit of damage, which is why I didn’t give them more damage than what buffed creatures can already do.

The idea behind only letting them spawn from elites would mean they would be extremely rare on any meteor below tier 6 worlds, and by tier 6, if your not running a max vitality build (excluding pies), then that’s not really anyone else’s fault. The only time you can get one shotted in this scenario at full health is if you get knocked into a wall or off a cliff, which can generally be avoided with grapples.

While I agree that bigger content is needed, I also believe the small amount of effort to “band-aid” this idea in would make it worthwhile.

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How about level 7 meteors. And the last wave is a boss with Massive health and damage. There should be a possibility of losing even with 40-80 people on a hunt. Imagine a giant wild stock running down 30 people. No your little towers aren’t going to help you cause this wildstock has a ground smash that regens all placed blocks dropping you to the ground. Maybe even a wildstock howl which buffs itself invincible for X amount of time. Now we’re talking.


That’s actually a pretty awesome idea, but my only issue is the more time the devs spent developing this idea, the less they would spend working on other areas of the game. My suggestion was made in such a way that’s relatively easy to implement, and while I like your idea more, it would also take more effort to implement.

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Hey. I just come up with awesome ideas. I don’t implement them. Lol.
But in reality. You need a couple new animations for the creature. Regen bombs already exist(change radius to be bigger than normal regen bomb). And armour buff bombs already exist(change stats to make the creature invincible). Have the meteors reward dropped from the boss as the ground stomp would regen the meteor and we know the turmoil that causes. Lol.

I’m really liking these ideas! I’ll throw one in also.

What about if one of these big ol creatures spawned randomly on a planet. Then over the Galaxy chat, you’ll see “ScragglyHorn is up! Shedu tier, at x,y coordinates”


I really like this idea! I feel like we need an in game reason for people to meet up that doesn’t require scheduling ahead of time like the meteors. You could have bosses appear like this and then players could state wether they were headed there through the in game chat. This way at any time your playing assuming the monsters would spawn every couple hours or so there’s a chance for a group to meet up out of nowhere. Also a good way to reach people that aren’t on the forums or discord.

+100 this idea!


Great idea. Anything to add more fun to hunting is always good :grin:

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