Suggestion for Forum Aesthetics

Just as a visual suggestion for the future that could look really cool. When you have a category selected, such as suggestions (green), general discussion (brown), modding (orange), news (blue), etc, the different “viewing types” would change according to the color. For instance: if I had only suggestions opened, which is green, the “latest, top, unread, and new” categories would also be green. I know this is probably hard to visualize, so I made a thing.

Pardon my bad skills, but this is basically what I was thinking.

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If the really white blinding background could be a little darker and not blinding…

I’ve realized that the sides of the screen on the forums aren’t really used, maybe add some pictures.

@Hiyosup Perhaps the BG could simply be game based art. As much as I hate to say it, kinda like some mineraft forums do. But you know, Way nicer looking… And with more Oorty stuff.

Ooh! What if there was options for the forum’s appearance (night mode, etc) in the preferences?

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