Suggestion for water and lava


Next week? Still kinda hoping for this week actually!


Oh right it’s only Tuesday. :sweat_smile: I’m off after tonight at work for vacation/festival. So I’m thinking of today as Friday :joy:


I was lucky enough to be given a couple of water source blocks in EA which I used on an aqueduct I had made as well as waterfalls down a small mountain I had made my base on. Initially the water was allowed to flow freely across all un-plotted areas but it can spread out pretty far if started up high on a slope. Within less than a week it was changed so that it stopped abruptly once it reached to edge of plotted areas, even water falling vertically. I then had to plot all areas I wanted the water to flow through.


iirc there are some t6 that have a frozen hazard so seeing ice on water there would fit those worlds, also in other worlds where there are already glacier and ice blocks.


But that has nothing to do with a placeable water source block. Nor are any of the natural water source blocks made of ice or glacier.