Suggestion: ideas for a reservations system overhaul

Ok, so I think reservations was a good idea, but here is my proposed change.

Everyone gets 3x as many reservation plots as they have regular plots. This would replace reservation plots. They would plot with a new plotter tool and deploy with the same ol’ deplotter. I think this would help in many incidents that have happened so far. I think the root cause of many plotting incidents is inability to communicate our plans to other players.


Vansten wants to reserve a large area around his build. He can now do so manually with reservations.

I want to keep people from plotting where I want to expand my mall. I could reserve paths in a future area.

Hearth guard had plans to build in an area for a long time but lacked the plots. If they could have reserved this area, there might not have been drama there.

A decent number of players want to build somewhere pretty and undisturbed. This should be allowed.

Yes, people will say this could be abused, but I still think my hypothesis stated before about plots is accurate: people have some set amount they are comfortable having based on the amount of time they have been in game, and we have fewer than that amount. Reservations helped a bit. Notice only once reservations got changed did people start grinding across the worlds.

I think this (and a slight buff to everyone’s plots overall) would help a lot with various game issues.

So you want to add even more changes to the beacon system?

This would lead to needing to replot even more?

And it most certainly does not solve the excessive road making the current system on Testing is going to prevent.

And this would take away development time from other things.

Keep the ideas :+1: coming, but I’d have to say no thanks to this too. We need something else. Not keep digging the hole deeper.

I’m going to have to remove my future road expansion plots too.


There has to be a better way somehow.

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Reservation system was, and is a joke. It created more problems then it fixed for a lot of ppl that didnt need the headache. A simple GM in game could have run interference.

As for wanting to expand and build somewhere well just because you want to doesnt mean you can. If someone gets the plots you wanted oh well. If we resort to crying on the forums because we didnt get what we wanted in hopes for getting our way and we scream until the devs make some code that inevitable doesnt even help the unrealistic expectations and just hurts more ppl well enjoy playing a low population game that will eventually die.

By the time all this stuff gets implemented it wont even be a sandbox game let alone what it was and still is advertised as.

My suggestion stands as always Police the game with a outside GM and leave the coders to create actual content not knee jerk codes to quell forum gamers.

The system was flawed and could be abused a simple fix to this would be to get rid of it all together or for players to manually place reservation plots with a plotter.

100 plots equals 40 reserve plots
1000 plots equals 400 reserve plots
And then I would cap it around 800 reserve plots.

Make it count all plots on the account not just the character.

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Now people can make 2 rows of plots, 4 rows nothing, 2 rows of plots, 4 rows nothing, 2 rows of plots

This will get you: 2 rows reserved, 2 rows plotted, 4 rows reserved, 2 rows plotted, 4 rows reserved, 2 rows plotted, 2 rows reserved.

That means 12 plots reserved for every 6 actual plots used. What you are proposing, 3 plots for every normal plot would mean people can actually claim an even larger area than currently is the case…

Plus, again, that will not solve long roads…

Perhaps I think it’s a better idea to remove the creation of NEW reservation plots and keep the ones that are there now and at every level up 5 plots of the normal 10 are then used to automatically fill up the reserved plots until all reserved plots are gone.

This will make sure abuse of buffer zones is not ever going to happen again.

But with this long roads are still not going away…

So 2k plots gets you 800 reservation plots? Reservation plots were meant to make sure you would not have to merge with other settlements if you don’t want to, capping large settlements to 800 reservation plots will still make that happen.

Which would make it way worse, especially since it would be the only thing account wide, I would be against that or they will let us share cubits/plots/cosmetics account wide too.

Also this idea will both make sure the old complaints of forced mergers will come back and it still does not prevent long roads…

This is why I support a easy way to move your mats/beacon from one location to another. To keep things fair we cannot keep policing something that is Indistinguishable from good intent to bad intent. Clearly some things are obvious to trolling. A in game dev can satisfy those cases. If someone wants to plot where you are they can. If you didn’t have the plots, oh well. You wait it out or move. Save your plots and go find a dream location. Make a plan and layout. I know this sound harsh but it’s reality and I think the most fair way.

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Yeah a lot of problems would be fixed by a blueprint system.