Suggestion: Less Subtle Chat?

Maybe it’s just me…but I find it annoying that I never know when someone has PM’ed me or responded to me in chat at all until I decide at some point (usually well after they’ve done so) to go and manually examine the chat window to see if there are responses.

Can there at least be an option for one or more of the following:

~ Toggle on/off a subtle (not annoying) audio cue that alerts you to chat messages (or at least to PMs)
+ maybe sub options for this that let you choose what messages you want “alerts” for - PMs, Guild chat, world chat, new global channels (each one separately), etc.
~ always-visible/not-always-visible option for the chat box on your screen.
+ sub option - instead of the whole chat box always visible, keep most recent new messages on the screen until you’ve clicked/entered the chat box (showing you’ve seen them) OR at least a small number/icon in the corner of your screen that just lets you know there are new messages to be read?

Any or all of these could be good options.

I do understand why some others don’t want to be annoyed by the chat box all the time or at all or whatever - but for me, I’d really like to know when a message comes in for me.

Right now the chat box is kind of clunky and provides almost no notifications (the very brief, faded out flash of new message text almost never manages to alert me if I’m busy with something, and I swear it just flat out doesn’t happen at all at least half of the time).

Anyhow, just my 2 cents. I don’t want these things to be forced on anyone, but having the options to be a little better notified if you want them would be nice.

thank you! <3 the game!


That expains alot.

As someone who plays MTGA while AFK in boundless. I have most likely missed more then a few messages and never noticed.

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This is a great point. Just today a friend and I were talking in voice chat and another person came and stood by us. He stood there for a few minutes before we noticed he was chatting with us… we didn’t notice because there was no notification.

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Completely agree with OP!

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I know! Right?!?! Happens to me all the time. ::Sigh:: I feel so awful whenever I realize someone had been trying to ask me a question or something and I just totally ignored them, without at all intending to. :frowning:

Also, Hi, Ginabean! lol


I find it odd that chat is actually a chore to do compared to other MMOs. I should be able to join several channels at once and use /commands to send messages to each. The new global channels are useless for live chat and are basically short message boards to check. Most inquiries on the global channels either get no response or a very delayed one. The notifications that appear briefly when you get a message usually vanish before I can stop what i’m doing. There should be an option to turn on permanent button/icon that appears if you have unread messages in the channels you are in, or an even better option would be to make the actual chat box appear briefly to show new messages. Right now, this contributes to isolation and confusion of new players like me.


This has my vote

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Wholeheartedly agree!


Didn’t chat used to be always open (on PS4)? I remember intentionally hiding it in settings a while back.

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I’m so sorry if I had missed that you had already posted a similar suggestion on the forum! I tried to look around and see if there was 1 with the same idea that I could just add to first, but I must have missed it.

Your idea is great. That’s exactly the sort of thing I’m talking about as well. :slight_smile: Thank you!

I didn’t mean it like that, just adding more info about previous ideas to this thread. More threads and people asking for the same thing = more visibility, I’m not complaining :smiley:

I agree, At least put the colored circles somewhere on edge of screen with the number of msgs in the middle as they show on top of chat box. Maybe stick to left side of screen where the chatbox usually stays. I would even like an option to always show chatbox. Have played quite a few MMOs that have a sticky chatbox.


I agree, more noticeable chat notifications would be good.

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A togglable sound notification for each chat channel; pen writing on paper when you receive PM.

Sometimes I miss out on saying bye to friends because I don’t always notice the PM icon. So In addition to sounds, maybe also add a setting that allow user-selected chats to show up in whatever channel they’re currently in?


It didn’t even occur to me what was going on until I got to the last post.

:+1: 100% still relevant.

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