Suggestion (poll): Put color numbers in the game for all items

This would be an incredibly simple change for the devs presumably - just put the colors in parentheses in the text file for color names. For example, “Black (001)” instead of “Black” etc.

Anonymous voting.

  • Add color numbers to the game
  • Leave it as is

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Yes please, I know this probably isn’t an issue for PC players using the debug menu. However, for PS4 players, this would help a great deal! Running back and forth checking numbers in a request basket can get rather tiresome!


And while they are at it, please add colour selection to shop scanner!


This statement always makes me say “what?”.

There’s a mod for this editing some of the JSON but you can’t make the colors display in game using the debug menu.

You can set focus on the block, open the debug mode, open the debug info menu, scroll to target block information and see it there. This is fine if you’re running around with it open I guess but it’s not like the info is always right at your fingertips.

I do use the debug menu when i’m mining sometimes to keep an easy eye on elevation but it’s scrolled to a specific point and shrunken down and every time I might want to check some other info in it it’s still a matter of going to debug mode and resizing it to find the info i want and then getting it reset to the way I usually use it.

If you just want to find the index number for a color name you see on your screen it’s almost as easy to just open character customization and find it there on either platform.

EDIT: editing to add that using the JSON file mod to add numbers to color names also interferes with other parts of the game like custom colors in settlement names.

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So everyone would benefit then :blush: good to know about the json

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For those who would like it kept as is, I’d be interested to hear what your reason is (to discuss)

Thanks everyone who has voted so far!

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it would be very useful for several reasons … and for me, especially because there are several errors on the french translation among others. It would also be much easier to classify my blocks in my giant warehouse


I think showing color numbers could be option on settings, but not something that would need to change globally for all.

IMO request baskets should list name of color not number, it is not consistent with information available around. Outside of baskets, character and outfit seems to be only place where numbers are shown. I can’t find right now see good reason why numbers would need to be shown if names would be available, but like I wrote above having it as advanced option would be nice!

Hopefully we get some day palette browser to character tinting and I would like to also see it as component on knowledge or even as some machine :smiley:

I certainly wouldn’t object to it being an option :blush: more work for the devs to do it that way though - but still probably not that hard to do

I’ve been using the mod and its been the best thing ever… I honestly wish this was an in game feature so EVERYONE can use it… comes in super handy when you are organizing your storage by color :slight_smile:


I want that mod. Haha

are you not on console? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am :weary:
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ask the fat guy in the red suit for a pc for Christmas… you still have time lol

He didn’t deliver :weary:

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