Suggestion: "prevent neighboring PPS" option on beacons

PPS is great for small towns, but a big problem for cities and road builders and malls.

How about a beacon option “prevent neighboring PPS”? Mall owners or city road owners could put this on so that people can still plot freely but without causing plot protection problems. It would make it so anyone who plots adjacent to my plots can’t turn on PPS. (hopefully it’s clear what I mean here). It wouldn’t disable your neighbors’ existing PPS, but it would prevent new application of PPS in neighboring plots.

Otherwise I may eventually have to get rid of free plotting at my mall and turn on PPS myself - which I don’t want to do, I like that people can get set up 24/7 without me :slight_smile:


You mentioned that you like the fact that people can plot in your mall without your assistance and I must say that this is the reason I opened shop so soon. I am a bit shy and I prefer to do my things without bothering others. I hope you will be able to maintain things the way they are.

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Something like…if you settle within an existing entity and they have it turned off, yours is too? I’m cool with that. My concern would be the plot reservations…if PPS is off, are reservations off too? They are the thing that prevents players from freely moving around/trading spaces.

Some kinda of message on the beacon or pop-up info list would be handy (just like when you enter a new settlement or planet)

I also prefer to have people plot freely in any space they choose & use their own beacons/plots.


Doesn’t PPS = reservations?

I wasn’t sure if you meant buffers, reservations, or the whole enchilada lol

Anything that blocks people from plotting basically.

I like your idea too :slight_smile: If you plot within an existing entity with PPS off, you can’t use PPS.


then the question becomes, how will people find a way to abuse this?

Ill take one

I can’t think of an obvious way to abuse this, but I’d like to hear any ideas. Always good to red-team test an idea.

Define “neighboring”. Touching your plots? Touching your buffer? Does the disable take precedence, if a neighboring beacon is neighboring two beacons on different settings?


I can’t think of any at this time, Mostly due to the fact I find the protection system to be a little silly to start with, But I do have the feeling someone else might be able to find some odd way to cause other people to complain about it being misused.

If your beacon is the eldest/majority real estate holder/founder of the entity/city/market, yes.
As @DKPuncherello mentioned…it would apply to newer beacons.

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I’d say touching buffer. And disable takes precedence to prevent workarounds (get a friend to put down one plot with no PPS so you can get around the no-pps restriction etc)

So just to be clear, if my beacon is older and I touch your buffer, not actually build in your buffer, just snake my way up to your beacon’s buffer, their plot protection gets turned off automatically? What stops you from extending your beacon to a settlement of your choice (provided your beacon is older), touching their buffer therefore disabling it, then joining the rest of the way and do a hostile takeover?


Good point :slight_smile:

Can anyone think of a way to prevent this situation? Perhaps if your beacon is surrounded (like in a mall) you can’t use PPS but if you’re on the edge you can?

Or prevent PPS from taking effect within the buffer zone of my older beacon, but PPS would work elsewhere around your beacon.

just snake my way up to surround your beacon

No idea how the system was built, but this could potentially require some major changes to implement it.

Also the way the current buffer ranges are, only 4 plots can be protected between roads, the layouts seem to be wider? So there’s a weak point in the middle where a buffered plot can still reserve some space. Not sure if that’s relevant but throwing it there anyway.

That would be great!

And for the love of Oorty dolls please don’t let any PPS that is on, jump other beacons and reserve plots that are NOT even adjacent to their own! Makes NO sense to me…

I think I saw James in one of the threads mention it’s not per beacon but per plot. So if you snake up to someone else your original beacon might be older, but the new plots you are snaking up with are newer…

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This would work nicely with the option to opt out of settlements. I think it would make it harder to misuse the option suggested.

Would love that just as original settlement the ability to turn it of for all residents that build at your settlement. Only way to prevent it now is by laying down a road network and keep everyone separate. Keeping in mind oldes plot/beacon rule. Depending on how wide you must make that road.

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I haven’t tested this in a bit but i’m pretty sure If you a member of a guild and that plot is set to guild owned and you have enabled plot protection on that plot, members of that guild can still build in the area around the plot.

Set a guild book to auto accept new members PPS works based on the oldest plot first so if the first thing you did is put down the road plot then it has the ability to override all the plot protections of all future members of that city. Now neighboring cities are another story.

This will also give you the ability to monitor when beacons expire as you mentioned was an issue in another thread

Ill double check when i get home tonight.

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