Suggestion: Roadrunner meteorites

Ok, this is just a fun (I think :wink: ) little brain fart I thought I’d throw out there:

Add in the rare potential - thinking like 1 in 20 or so, enough to make it a special treat - for a meteorite to be a Roadrunner variant. Meaning, spawns nothing but Roadrunners. To complete it, a timer starts when you get in range, and you have to kill a certain number before it runs out - easier with others of course, but even if you don’t complete it, likely to pick some of them off and get some nice loot as a consolation prize.

Reasons: A bit more Oort influx, and some more of the coveted RR feathers and glands. I don’t think with rare odds like that it would break anything too badly with the RR drops either on the economy. BUT, I do think it would serve as a nice treat, an incentive to go check out a meteor… like, if I’m exo exploring, rather than steer clear, I’d go take a peek, just in case. :wink: Hunts could be made extra special - “We got two RR ones!!” And just thinking of the excitement that would be felt when you get in range and see the RRs dropping!

Ok, brain fart over, have a nice weekend all! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ooh my bomb skill page would make easy work of this :grin::sunglasses:


Lol me thinking omg this is even worse😂

But after reading the complete suggestion (not only the headline). It isn’t that bad of an idea.

As long as these are “rare” I don’t see a problem coming from this suggestion.

How ever these have to be rare…

As it will effect the hunts in general (i think).
Because meteor fails when we leave the zone how do we kill mobs that are gone from the “hunt zone”.

And if not rare, prices for roadrunner drops will lower. Because if you are with a good group eventually you could make it so that its more profitable to do the meteors than actively hunting them down.

Again not saying this is what will happen but do think they need to be “rare”.

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Yep, that would be the trick in this for sure - the balance so that they’re rare enough to give a little boost to the influx of the drops without really hurting the prices, but not SO rare as to be almost never seen, you want to know there is a chance of seeing one, that it isn’t common but not too exceedingly rare either. I think 1 in 20-25 would about do the trick. I think the excitement of getting a shot at one if the balance is right here could be a fun hook. :slight_smile:

And yep, not leaving the zone would be part of the challenge here - the RRs of course will be hightailing it every which way. :wink: The idea I have is, they’d continue to spawn at a constant rate as the timer runs though. So you don’t have to get each one. But which to try to get? Take out a lower level one in one direction which would can probably kill, or risk chasing a stronger one which might get away? Setting the number needed to kill just right could really make for a fun challenge I think, and the nature of it means even if you fail, you probably are getting some good drops too.

Edit: Probably would have to disable bombs around this type of meteorite for this to work though… that is a good point above, could possibly bomb out an area and create a trap.

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Yup, instead of cloud spawns the RRs should spawn anywhere on the ground in the meteor vicinity (it’s pretty easy to hit something as it spawns) and the ground should be made invincible and blocks not place-able to prevent killing holes from being made. Basically like nature plotted the area around the meteor. Maybe some annoying trunks to pull you around too. I think it would be fun without much economic impact–it will be important to see how many people depend on being roadrunner chasers for income. Right now I believe roadrunner chasing is mainly a side effect of running hunts.

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clearly my bomb page would make it quicker :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That would be fun waves (more like a continuous stream) of RR that spawn round and x kills would complete the meteor.
More a fast paced meteor then the general kinds.

You could even say just let them flood the area and completing the kills ends in the meteor going “critical” and “vaporize” (completely no items from vaporized RR) the remaining live RR. (Would be fun i think).

But yeah I agree as hunting needs something added to create variation. (I avoid it as Much as i can because i find it rather boring.)

But i think because of what they “naturally” do that this is exactly the reason they don’t spawn in meteor waves.

Maybe adding a meteor bound road runner, highly aggressive.
An “Ancient Road Runner” if you will,
Runs like a wild stock at you but doesn’t “charge” it just runs. But it isn’t bound to the ground. If you hang above it it will fly up to get you. Maybe even give a grapple debuff??

This one has to be “rewarding” but it could be a rare spawn in the current meteors. (Probably a pain in the backside to kill to) :wink:

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What they could do is make a wall spawn surrounding the meteor. The road runners would bounce around. But if they hit you it would cause damage!

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Great idea, I would be up for it :smiley: In case it will be too crazy…maybe then just let part of the spawns be roadrunners…of a different kind that can only stay near the meteor…would already be more fun and still give some extra variation in loot :slight_smile: