Suggestion: skinny signs and borderless signs

Skinny signs would look like signs but link together like sign modules to form long skinny signs :blush:

Borderless signs would be what they sound like. Multiple materials. Could be glass too.

Also more kinds of signs in general would be cool.

  • I want skinny signs
  • I want borderless signs
  • I want new sign materials (glass, lucent, gem, wicker)
  • I’m good.

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arrow-shaped signs would be cool



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  • more editing options, switching bold and italics and font size in the same sign text!

  • more different sizes and looks for existing materials and perhaps, hold on to your seats, lucent signs!

  • maybe a bunch of different border types per sign, I wouldn’t be afraid of a 2 part sign craft, border and borderless signs in to two separated crafts and then 1 craft to combine, or first the border, then craft sign with the border added as additional ingredient of recipe

  • longer text! especially when we have more formatting options which sadly count for the limit

  • emojis, especially the little icons

  • in-game images, ie. every image as shown in the knowledge screen, I would like on the signs (breads here!)

  • add an in-game screenshot/photo mode with enhanced LOD and most of all, I want them to be added to signs!

  • borderless signs, paper ones, ie. POSTERS!


More formatting options would be nice. I’d personally like to set the font size, so I don’t have inconsistent sizes between signs.

A few symbols would also be appreciated, such as arrows or the Oortian alphabet.

Lastly, glass panes that you can write on, and merge seamlessly with existing glass panes.


So stickers you mean

I suppose he meant panes acting like signs (added writing logic) which would mean new type of signs: glass.

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But more than that he wants seamless.

I’d totally be down for new borderless signs in all categories. Not everyone is into those frames yknow


do you feel framed? :stuck_out_tongue:

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