Suggestion: spawn eggs will be a rare drop from monsters

Wouldn’t it be cool if “spawn eggs” that allow you to spawn a mob (just like a spawn egg in minecraft) will be a rare drop from monsters in Oort? something like 1%~2% drop chance…

I think it will be a really cool feature to have, and it doesn’t sound like it’s a very time consuming feature to develop and add to the game, tho im not a developer myself so i can’t judge.

I can imagine someone trying to collect spawn eggs of titans from various worlds to spawn them later and fight all of them at once… lol

*To prevent griefing, they wont be useable inside beacons of other players

idea wise its nice. but…isnt it kinda weird/overkill(troll that you can just suddenly spawn an epic boss anywhere, meaning you can just go to a low level world and watch it tear them apart.

Eventually higher level players will come and kill that Titan though…

And i would assume lower level players will just be able to avoid coming close to that titan, espicially if it already killed them once, lol.

It will be fun imo. remember that it’s rare drop so people wont be able to just spam titans everywhere, collecting spawn eggs will take effort and time ~

its more like i see a group of low levels and spawn a titan in their face.

it could easily be abused and im not quite sure what the point of it would be? especially titans which i imagine will need to be pretty controlled, since people shouldnt be forced to fight them.

on the other hand i would say not titans, But still stronger mobs and they wont drop the loot again. i could imagine making a maze and then place 2 or 3 rare monsters in it. so tier 5 rare monsters in a tier 1 maze where i would then place a reward at the end of the maze.

This idea it’s pretty good, but i think this idea more for putting a hard hostile mob only in your beacon and the rest you can be able to spawn them anywhere just for taking your own cows XD or wolfs or JFSIFJG XD for example.

See @Zouls this will make that hard creatures as coliseum monsters (like the arena missions you can do on monster hunter :smiley:)

the simple solution would be that the spawn egg would only work on a world of the egg’s tier or higher
no finding a tier 6 monster and putting it in a tier 1 world it would only work in a tier 6 world and higher

Well my solution

Can be used too ¬¬ but i like that about no tier 6 egg on tier 1 worlds XD

I don’t know… spawn eggs are an awful lot of power to give players in an mmo or pvp setting. The potential for grief is astounding, and exploitation is nearly unavoidable. Even putting such a power in the hands of a trusted few players may be unwise.

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Why not combine it with taming? You could tame some young titan (which will not grow into a big one) to be fought in the arena. Or hatch a wyvern egg for your personal dungeon as a boss.

If you applie the same rules we discussed in the other thread, like eggs go bad after some time, then there would be less abuse. And you could be the real beast tamer. Not just the “I can hatch chocobos”- tamer^^

And as always: the stronger the monster, the rarer to find an egg/cub.

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This idea makes me think of an item Ragnarok Online had, Dead Branch, that could spawn any random mob when used, they were fairly rare and there was an even rarer type of item, Bloody Dead Branch, that was used to spawn bosses I think? I personally liked them just cuz it was kinda novelty, you wouldn’t know what was going to spawn and you could get ahold of some decent loot out of it too!
People would abuse them a little and use them outside starting zones, though. :sweat:

The first mmo i ever played was called Flyff, and it has that kind of item, just that it spawned mini-bosses called “giants” rather than actual end-game bosses. sure, people used it to kill other players, but man it was fun as hell to summon some higher level giants in places of low-levelers lol.

people just needed to be careful to not die again by keeping a certain distance from those giants :d so i dont think it was game breaking or anything.

I played Flyff but never knew they had that! :dizzy_face:
But yeah, people misusing them was only a little bothersome, the spawning outside starting areas didn’t happen THAT often or if it did people would swoop in to fix it and get all da loot. :laughing: