Suggestion: Supply Portals

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This idea combines the shop stand functionality with portal functionality.

How it works:

  • The supplier of the item sets up a shop stand portal. This would function as a shop stand displaying and selling its contents and it would also have a shop stand portal token.
  • A buyer who wants to frequently be able to buy the items in this shop stand would grab the portal token and back in their own beacon they would insert the token into a supply portal. Then the two are linked (possibly with an oort cost).
  • In the menu of the supply portal, the buyer can make a purchase. This will remove the item from the shop stand portal and place it in the buyers inventory. It will also put the coin for the item in the shop stand portal.


  • Frequent purchase of the same item from the same supplier.
  • A buyer can easily organize many suppliers or likewise a supplier can supply many buyers. (A single shop stand portal could be purchased from multiple supply portals).
  • When an item is out of stock you can still grab the token and check for new stock from your own home.
  • If you have e.g. a gleam farm and want to sell regen bombs/hammers you can set up a supply portal in each one and have it connect back to a central shop stand portal somewhere.

I like it! Basically similar to an auction house but without using that filthy word nobody likes. I’m all for shopping made easy.

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Ye but this would literally make the footfall thats miserable rn, to a place where its useless totally

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Make each transaction trigger footfall…? Lol I dunno, hard to say how it would work out. At least the Minter provides a realistic source of coins, although not enough to make you rich.

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I like the idea still, but im just being honest :stuck_out_tongue:


I do not think this would reduce footfall. Sure, you may not make a trip to a shop since there is a supply portal which has what you need, but for shop with a wide selection it may still make more sense to go in person. You can also bring in footfall by putting in the right supply portals. A lot depends on what the costs of using this method is compared to normal shop stands.

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I honestly still don’t understand why FF is even an issue to anyone(other than portal hubs) since they’ve introduced the minter. And I can’t imagine that it would hurt a hubs ff significantly if at all.

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