Suggestion: Surface-Resource Vision

Hey all,

I’d like to address an issue i find can use improvement,
The deal is that tall-grass massively impacts a player’s ability to find surface resources.

Currently whenever i’m gathering i always set the Graphics ‘Flora’ setting to Low.
This works perfectly, helping me locate these resources from far away (as a PC user i have all the graphic settings set to max)

But this “trick” has a negative impact on the immersion of the world i’m exploring, I can see the resources from far away but as i get closer they grass pops in and breaks it.

My suggestion for this issue is to have some sort of “Resource-Vision”. - A way to highlight resources on the world.
A simple solution will be to add this as a toggle-able secondary ability of the Gatherer Perk.

Feel free to add\improve\suggest\criticize (constructively)

I can see this working as a I kind of homing ping on your HUD compass maybe…invest in skill, each level will let you see surface resources as a ping further and further away as you level the skill up?

a gather perk that maybe would let plants glow like gleam a bit (just for you, if you had gather brew or something) would be nice to.