Suggestion to DK Mall Shop Owners

Could you add your row letter/number to your becon name would make travel a lot faster.

I did this and had a few messages of thanks when I had my shop.

Z :rabbit:


Think I’ve had it on mine since I got my crappy shop … but I’ll check, for sure.

That said … I’ve found the portal compass system to be the easiest method for DK … I’m so impressed with that as a system.

I have mine on mine, its a good idea :smiley:

Why not add the beacon to your location list(if applicable)or just add the spot as a location?

I think this is to help other people trying to find a shop after they see it in the shop finder.


Even though I don’t actually take te time to see i just track and run. But yes you are right. It’s for those that take their time.