Suggestion to update the NPE

Ran into a level 13 new player today
He had been using warps to go between planets, unaware that he could use portals to do so for free.

I’m sure he went to various planets using portals without knowing it. But clearly there’s some missing info in the tutorial, haha.

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You mean they don’t know they can use the free warp home or?

No, I think they thought portals were only for the same planet. Since they don’t know the planet names, they wouldn’t know the pop ups for portals indicate the planet (which is definitely not in the tutorial, and probably should be).

So they wanted to go on adventures to other planets and were using paid totem warps. Probably to go to planets they’d been to using portals.

They also didn’t know the purple things on the compass are portals. That should probably be in the tutorial.
They did know about free warp home and shop scanner though.

It’s kind of a niche case, but that aspect of the tutorial definitely isn’t clear.

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A lot of people don’t know that they have been jumping thru planets when using portals.

Since the tutorial teaches you to point to the planet and warp, a lot of folks think that you can only move to another planet using that method.


I think having the portal for each planet in a (slightly) different color might help with this too (along with tutorial additions). That way people will be like “hmm I wonder what the colors mean”

It would probably be too wordy, but when approaching a portal, it could say “Now leaving the planet X and traveling to planet Z”.

Different colors would be helpful. Like the whole portal or an aura around the edge?

Maybe both? Portal to indicate the planet and border to indicate the region? Might be more useful than the current portal colors.

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I don’t know that any other info needs to be shown on portals, rather the tutorial should have a section on what they are, how they work, how to create your own, distances between portals, etc. Most of the tutorial seems to focus on the survival aspect of the player’s early days, which is necessary of course, but it neglects some of the other advanced topics. Perhaps there should be an advanced tutorial section which includes things like this and have the main tutorial point to it when completed.