Suggestion: treasure chests

An expansion on the frequently liked “one per person” shop stands

Treasure chests look like an open treasure chest filled with coins, gems etc. You can either set them to one item per person or free-for-all. Maybe have a “1pp” on the front of the chest if they are in 1 per person mode.

People can freely add items to them without permissions

They hold 48 slots (or unlimited, if in free-for-all mode only - to prevent “abuse”)

I have junk in my inventory and wouldn’t mind shoving it into an unsorted treasure in the mall lobby for anyone to take. Treasure chests would give people a way to attract visitors to their build, both with one per person and free for all.

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Sounds like a fun way to trade colors too. Dump colors you don’t want, look for colors you do want.
In this case maybe don’t let things smart-stack in the chest. I think limited number of slots is better so you avoid unlimited scrolling.

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Sounds like a glorified form of dumpster diving :laughing:. As an in-game hoarder, I’m definitely supportive of an idea like this!

Edit: Even if a new prop was not added, a “one-per-person” mode would be very useful in shop stands. Or perhaps just any custom limit on the item being sold.

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I’m for this idea for the sole reason that they’d go extremely well with that treasure block idea from before.

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Definitely love this one… big in favor of anything that would allow setting limits on what people can take, and a treasure chest would look cool! Would be a huge addition for those of us who do giveaways, and also for those doing mazes and such. :+1: I would also though like to add in the option of allowing selection of amount per account, some things like mats might be ok with people taking a stack.

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This was the first thing I thought of. I’d absolutely make a huge maze and have a treasure chest waiting at the end for whoever can find it