Suggestions for crafting professions

I prefer limitation in case you havent noticed, but too many people scream witch trials, so in theory just a way to classify the different forms of crafting, i would really hate if everything could be crafted in hand like now (i know this is really early) like ‘‘i have wood and stone, BOOM, pickaxe!’’


A tinkerer, assuming there’s a bit of the steampunk with crystals thing, a profession that focuses on making things that are mechanical, things to push, to pull, to grab, to throw, to automate and rotate. maybe the tinkerer can create a better home defense system than your average trapper, like in Tiberium Sun NOD’s Obelisk tower can laser the ■■■■ out of unwelcome things.

I think it sould be not to much professions. More then 10 are to many. I would like to have them a bit more grouped up. For example: …

  • Weaponsmith
  • Armormaker
  • Equipment Engineer
  • Carpenter
  • Gemcutter
  • Miner
  • Hunter
  • Farmer
  • Herdsman
  • Cook

That would be quite enough. I also think that this Professions should not limit the player in there crafting abilities, but give them bonuses to the created stuff. Limiting would be frustrating.


Updated explanation

i always disliked armorsmith and weaponsmith.

‘‘Oh you just made a metal chestplate, here is exp towards working with cloth’’

‘‘oh you just crafted an axe, that is clearly the same as crafting a staff so here is some exp’’

its just… no.

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Will definitely check it out. We’re looking at player progression at the moment so it’s timely!!


nice. thank you for taking the time :smile:

also these skill levels could also apply to weapon use. i think you guys will come up with something amazing and want to make it original, but i have to say i really like this system (although i despise the combat in the repopulation >.<)

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I think crafting and handling a weapon are two totaly different things, so there have to be seperated skills for them.

just the progress bar, the more you use it the better you becomes at using it and then having tiers where you unlock abilities when reaching certain points i have a long post about it (actually 2) on how the skills themselves could be obtained, but on the site it says they are going for the feel of ‘‘use it to master it’’ :smile:

Using to learning/becoming better is good, but please no limits to crafting through to low skills … I love the concept of “you can build everything if you have the right materials”, they just don’t have to be good then :wink:

that on the other hand i despise like the pest. you dont want to be limited for not using time to level a skill? that would completely nullify any sort of progression, might as well give people who just started the ability to use epic master sword of doom, because why not?

that is such a bad idea if you want any hope of having a working economy mate -.-’

Sorry. that was a bit too rude. hope you understand the idea though

It’s pretty unlikely that everything will be crafted in hand at full release. I’d prefer the current crafting gui to be for work stations, and hand crafting to only allow one, maybe two slots, but that’s off topic.

In the few hours I’ve been trying to draft this reply (I’m on a mobile at work :frown: ) @thebirne summed up my opinion perfectly, so I’ll go with “what he said”.

The handcrafting should be there in a minimum form for the basic things you need, like making a forge or a workbench, things like torches too.

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yeah, I get your point. What is whith the need for a workbench, which you only can build when you have the right mats for ist (for example parts of a titan) which also may be bound. Or a generator cell, which you need to equip. On this way you can limit the capablilties, but not by skill. I just don’t like the idea that noone can build all stuff (without the need for month of gameplay for each branch)

For someone who is likely to never be big in the battle side of things this might be a challenge I would like to pursue. Master a profession or two or three :slight_smile:

picking a profession to level is the idea, making special crafting stations is also an idea i am playing around with and thinking about posting about. but there needs to be progression to seperate the noob from the master, things like this takes time, reward for being patient and persistant. cause where would the fun be if you had nothing to pursue from crafting, where would the economy be if you could make everything yourself with 0 effort.

@KuroKuma Kuma is this system better to your taste?

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I don’t ment to let anyone build all from the beginning on, but to let them not have to progress in each skill to be able to build all. A way bound to the main progress of the character would be a good system (for example: How much tiers he had reached (also possibline to bind that on benches bount to titan components)). the problem with Skilling by using on the matter to reach more recipies would be that people begin to build wildly dumb items just to level (like sadly seen on most MMOs). The skill should be a bonus source, not the source to be able to craft stuff.

if we could make the exact same items why would you ever buy from me? your idea is focused on solo play, you are completely nullifying any sort of profit from crafting, try to look at ESO, its a good example on how to do crafting wrong. its not about being able to make the best things mate, its about earning the ability to make the best thing, a crafter wont be as good as fighting as a warrior and the other way around, and that is completely okay. your idea is to make everybody equal at everything.

i understand your opinion and why you have it. i just also strongly disagree with you. because your system is made for a olo game, not an mmo.

Working on player progression, you say?


The bonus of times made by skilled hands has to be really a matter. For example an untrained Char makes a weapon with 100dps, the skilled one with 120 and the master 130 or more. So it would be open, but still a matter of skill.

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