Suggestions for the lack of gravity

So the Boundless universe has some radically different properties than what we are accustom to where blocks, trees, foliage just float stationary after you disconnect them from the planet.

How about we have an explanation for that and officially make it because there is no or very little gravity on the planet but the Oortians and other animals have somehow evolved to stick to the ground.
So how do we visually explain this phenomenon?
Make it so when a structure or plant life is disconnected from the planet, it slowly bobs up and down in the air so it feels like a floating feature instead or a quirk.
Then, because we have these grappling hooks, we could pull smaller things in close to us if need be. The more grappling hooks attached to the item, the bigger the item or the faster we could pull it in, TEAMWORK!! (Grappling effectiveness would also vary with grapple quality/skill).


neat idea, like it!

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I would love some more physics added to the game, at least for trees and sand. As for everything else, I don’t see why it is necessary to bring it so close to reality. I wanna be able to create floating houses, without them falling or wiggling into the air, imagine how hard it would be to build in such conditions.

Grabbing things with the grappling hook along other people seems fun, but pretty unnecessary if you ask me.

I’m having enough gravity in the real life, I want to escape in a world where there are less limitations.


Thats kinda what i’m saying, I just want things that are floating to actually look like they are floating and have a little movement when you look at them from afar. just up and down slightly (light 1/2 block - 2 block distance) if you aren’t pulling them with a grapple. Also would meet half way with everyone that wants tress to fall with gravity, instead of falling you would have to have help “pulling them closer”.

I think something like that would interfere with the world regen process - especially with 1+ block movement… and that could potentially be a hell of a lot of data to crunch if you’re pulling a large land mass towards yourself!

Ohhh planets with different gravity! :smiley: