Suggestions to grow the game


Here’s a few thoughts that might help you to improve the games growth:

  • Content wise you are looking good with the new farming and updates growth here is excellent

  • Think about implementing a contraptions system at some point even something simple will grow complexity significantly and therefore interest

  • Create a single player mode/planet (best would be to use a genreative algorithm to have a multitude) not everyone wants to jump into an mmo aspect right away. (many single player starters will migrate to mmo at some point)

  • Since you focus on the mmo aspect solely at the moment you are in dire need of an ingame moderator with live chat to resolve issues more efficently without hurting your assets in the forums or elsewhere. If you cannot or want not to invest in that at the moment choose a few already moderative people in your community that you trust and entitel them with rights and said chat function.

  • For a mmo the current ingame chat options are below standard, this is an issues you should tackle better sooner than later. Online communities live of the community it cannot be the go to to use alternate methods of communication (discord etc.) I ve seen selfmade bucket servers with better chat systems.

  • Reach out to popular streamers (ergo give them a free copy of the game to experience), there is a lack of Boundless content in the lets play community from what I ve seen. The lets play community is your go to for game awareness.

  • Decrease the complexity of your portal system, why cant I go to town A from town B but instead have to jump 8 times? Here’s an idea make a personal “spaceship” anything of the kind that allows me to be fueld with oort shards or a special crafted kind of fuel to travel where I want to go from where I want (you can restrict the availability of the fuel to make it a commodity). Galaxy map btw I want a galaxy map^^

That’s just a few things that came to mind since I started playing again a few weeks ago.
Some points may have already been posted about, or invalid for one or the other reason. I am not reading through all of the forum. Fell free to discuss, add points of view etc.


Removing the current portal system, while it’s an idea that would make a trip lighter, it brings a completely different issue; It would mean a lot of places just never get visited anymore, by anyone.

It would ruin the whole idea of portal networks as well, since then you’d just end up with an even more scattered spiderweb of a network, since everyone has their direct portals in places, but probably wouldn’t use planet hub networks anymore.

It defeats part of the point of their restrictions.


They have reached out to streamers before when the game was about to release


I would add NPCs. People are complaining about worlds being empty and this would be the solution, plus a new thing to play with. more live players will only lead to adding more habitable planets, because no one wants to build a tiny house and hang around it doing mundane chores just to create an illusion of a living world. there are entire cities built by 2 - 3 people who even if they play daily for several hours, are still mostly not there.
npcs would solve that. each planet could have its own native population (oortians for t1 and 2, some centaurs, ice giants, nocturnal insectiods, lizardfolk… for the more dangerous planets) you can meet them wandering the wilderness, maybe hanging around an npc village, and most importantly, they come to your settlement if it has room for them ( some combo of skills, prestige and actual rooms allows you to have a number of citizens)
example: player builds a house (interior room) places a npc bed. if they have a free slot, native npc will eventually show up and start living there. player adds more furniture, food storage, activities, the npc starts to like them and will be willing to work for them. player puts them to work on a farm, npc harvests and replants crops for a small wage, or assign them to a workbench, which then makes things faster, give them a sligbow and put them on guard duty or use them as a companion who helps carry stuff and so on… if the player is more advanced, they can invite an npc form another planet to join their settlement. npc will leave if mistreated or hungry. there could be options for individual plots to make them residental, work, chill out areas, so the NPCs spend time in different places during the day


I like the npc/pet idea


Just make PVP beacons. That is all you need Turf Wars!!!


Don’t think i’ve seen this idea before, but I like it. It seems a lot of people really want to avoid npcs in this game but I think it would definitely bring life to it.


I like this. Even if you couldnt interact with them much, we could choose where to place them and perhaps a choice of actions they could be doing? Would definitely bring the place to life


maybe once they live in your settlement, you could setup some basic trading, give them few lines of text they randomly say, or set their attitude toward strangers. they could throw confetti at visitors, or just run in their rooms to hide.


Well i think all they really need is a decent shop…now it is the worst shop I have seen in any game. Seriously how hard can it be…sell armor and blueprints for upgraded hammers or weapons. Even diamond fist. A good shop with good ideas can change a game dramatically without even changing the gameplay itself.release more costumes. God the ideas in a shop is limitless… but I have been playing since the release on ps4. And the shop is so limited I have no reason to spend money. Surely money is needed for the game to improve. Give me a reason to spend money.


Yea they could invest time and effort to make more cosmetics to produce income which can then be utilised for game improvments and growth. I am not a fan of micro transactions but as long as its not a pay 2 progress I am more than happy to spend a few bucks for a mount ^^


Well i think its ok. I spent 60 dollars. Played non stop for a year. I think micro transactions are fine in this particular game. Like u said u dont need to spend anything in this game to improve. It’s just if u want.


and another thing: blueprints for building. I think that it was mentioned somewhere, but yeah, I would like blueprints very much.
select an area, save as blueprint, then place/ rotate/ mirror, select either ‘specific blocks’ or ‘any blocks’, place the blocks in an inventory, and over time it builds itself


I dont know about the blueprint idea, if it is a blueprint you buy in the shop that are themed maybe a good idea. Else you will simply have a few players that will create them sell, maybe even for real money underhand a pandoras box imo.


Blueprints for items…like the gold fist that I got for buying upgraded version…personally i think blueprints for building could destroy the creative side of the game.its is cool seeing all different type of builds not just the same buildings everywhere u go


That is exactely my fear too, soon you ll have all those identical super awesome builds one guy made in his free time (not wearing pants ofc) and the game world will be destroyed.


good point. a rather depressing one, but very relevant :smiley:


or at least an option to mirror your own building as you build it.

or they could be limited to personal use. only the person who made it can use it in a beacon they own
… I really miss buildcraft and worldedit


Only if it gets deleted with the plots, else youd be able to share and encounter the same problems listed above^^
And that would already be a huge implementation which is a waste of time when theres more pressing matters. Like NPC VILLAGES AND PVP BEACONS \ :slight_smile: /


I definitely think a blueprint system could work well… in the game Lego Worlds, the ability to copy and paste builds was one of my favorite features.

For a builder, if working on a big project, it cuts down on some of the busy work - you want ten little cottages of a type, you can paste so long as you have the mats (and allow substitutions on mats within a certain range, like give an option to select any type of wood or color if wood is used - and would probably have to let blueprints go up a bit at a time due to inventory space), then make tweaks from there.

One big thing though I could see is if you could sell the blueprints. Opens up a huge economic niche for builders. Like, you could have entire model cities that were basically stores… each building with a plinth with the blueprint in front of it.