Suggestions to grow the game


I’m all for blueprints. I could both use it for my own builds and for selling.
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I’ll take three. :stuck_out_tongue: (I can make payments, right? Hehehe)


I’m going to have to see your credit rating.


There is nothing stopping a player now from copying other players builds and so far we do not have a bunch of the same buildings. I do know that players are using minecraft plans on some of the builds, and these are open to any player to use. So far not a lot of duplicates.

I think that blueprints could make it a lot easier for groups to build together. They could follow a blueprint in constructing repetitive structures such as walls. I also think it would make it easier for player constructed dungeons if you could use blueprints for the basic repetitive portions. I have created plans for a number of Boundless players and so far I have not seen multiple copies popping up anywhere. Maybe players want something more unique for their build instead of a copy of something someone else has.


Okay. Someone mentioned NPC. Perhaps we use them to build the blueprint. Bigger blueprints require more NPC’s. And they’d build them over time. Obviously you need the materials to build the blueprints as well. Materials would go into the blueprint so they don’t take up inventory space. You could slowly collect the materials and put them in the blueprint. Once you have it full. You prep your area for the build.(flatten land) and set blueprint. Your NPC’s run over and start working.


I see a lot of technical problems with blueprinting entire builds but I would be more than happy to just blueprint sections. Even if it’s just a 3x3 like we have now for removing blocks but for adding. Would help so much with building walls and floors or anything just large and repetitive.