Suji's Emporium presents: Suji's Naked Tools!

After weeks of excavating the sky, oortian historians have uncovered the ancient ruins of a long-forgotten library!

While the building has been overgrown and taken by nature, the historians have gone to great lengths to preserve what’s left.

Suji’s Emporium (now the mother company of Suji’s Forging Ingredients) has decided to use these ruins as the location of their exciting newest venture!

Suji’s Naked Tools is now open for business! Scattered throughout the ruins you will find for sale, every tool and weapon of all the gem-types! Applying the Suji’s philosophy: Cheap, well-stocked and always open for custom orders!

Prices are simple:
Topaz/Sapphire: 750
Ruby/Diamond: 900
Emerald/Amethyst: 1250

We also stock topaz/sapphire/iron/titanium bombs and golden fists upstairs!

Even if you are not interested in naked tools, i would highly suggest going on a tour of the ruins. @Mittekemuis did an AMAZING job of restoring them! My personal favorite is the front area, by night, disable your light-source and enjoy!

Suji’s Naked Tools can be found simply by going to one of the Suji’s Forging Ingredients portals at TNT, Hunt Hive, Ghost Forest or Naughty Hunt Lodge. Follow the signs to “the rest”!


Went there last night and got some shovels. Beautiful place indeed!


It is still a little bit a WIP :slight_smile:


I assume this was to hide that gleam island?

dia n ruby tools sold out… pls make me some more…

dance for me dance for me oh oh… xd


Already? Thats quick! I’ll make sure to stock more within 16 hours :slight_smile: won’t be home for a bit!


We’re exploring other options for that :slight_smile:

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yeah, only can buy about70 dia hammers & about 1 stack from axes n shovels…
ive expected more… :slight_smile:

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Lol prices are so cheap compared to anyone else…good job in a lot of work not much profit…hahaha. of coarse it’s sold out…Lol. U now make me think if shops are worth it…:rofl::sunglasses:

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Very little work, for a decent profit, as it’s all done in bulk :wink:

Prices are a WIP. If i cant keep stocked, they’ll go up a bit until i find a balance between stocking and selling :slight_smile:


900c-950c is still a nice price…

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I’m excited to see this! And all cheaper than what I pay now, so I’ll definitely be a regular there too!


Updated the diamond/ruby prices so i can offer better buy prices for diamond/ruby and keep stock more easily.

Restocked most goods!

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With very limited stock, i can do naked lucent tools too.

Currently i can make:
1 rift tool
2 blink tools

Payment has to be made up-front. Price can be negotiated. Lucents are hard to get and quite rare though, so don’t expect a basement-bargain!

Also open to custom orders. Custom orders can usually be delivered in 24 hours and will get 7% off on the total price.


Have you found the secret room yet?
There’s a surprise waiting for the first person to find it!

The entrance is very well hidden, so good luck!


Have you restocked yet? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love the new addition. The place looks great! Do you think you’ll be restocking fate 2 and stabil 2 soon?

There was stock when i left yesterday :slight_smile: Somebody must’ve bought them out.

Unfortunately there’s a serious bitter bean shortage so it’s super hard for me to carry enough stock for a reasonable price. If you want, i can always brew up a batch for you as a custom order?

Depends on when you last checked :slight_smile:

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It’s alright : ) I’ll just stop by and check occasionally. Custom orders take all the fun out of shopping, lol. Thank you though!

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Nobody has found the secret room yet? :open_mouth:
Guess i have to double the reward inside then!