Sunlight City is open for new citizens 👍

Decided to open Elshmire to the public!

If you’re interested in a (in the works) city, feel free to come on by and plot somethin :grin:

Theres plenty of room and spots open to build for a quite a while! I’m also open to moving stuff or workin with ya. Happy to share room and materials if needed too :+1:

Elshmire is fueled for a good while.
And we play daily.

Would love to see any serious players :raised_hands:
Boundless can be lonely these days.

Portal if interested --v


I got lucky that you or someone in your group opened a portal to my Ki"Rin Co shop a few weeks back. Of course I was curious and explored there. I absolutely adore the place.


Between me and the family, we love Ki"Ron Co. Been a favorite of mine for a while to run around and shop!
So we had a get a portal lol


I’m glad you enjoy it. I actually did not build it. I saw a post by @OnlyOneShinobi on day of him opening it. I’ve always loved collecting plants/flowers/fungus, so of course I had to go check it out. The 2 of us talked for a bit and next thing you know. I’m going through my storage to help him with stocking his shop stands.

Long story short, he decided to quit playing and asked me if I would like to take Ki’Rin over. Of course I was overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. I could not believe ANYONE would ever leave one of their magnificent builds to me. No doubt I said yes (with a little tear in my eye(. In really hated seeing him go, but I understand his reasons all too well.

Since then, the outside grounds of Ki’Rin have long gone. I have been working on rebuilding the pathway/roads and I’ve also added 2 little stores outside on Ki’Rin grounds. I really appreciate you and your family opening a portal, which has brought me to your lovely world and town. Who knows I may fix me a little shack up on your world one day. But I have to come up with something nice enough to build first.

I love the style of your builds. My family have ALOT of Cherokee blood running through our veins and this little town just draws me in.


I genuinely appreciate your kind words :grin:
I’ve been following your additions to Ki"Rin co since @OnlyOneShinobi parted ways with it. Loved it before, and I love it after :ok_hand: Rock Hard Boulders was one of my favorite additions to the universe in boundless.


Ahh thank you so much. I am trying, I’m not that much of a builder, but I’m giving it my best.

I don’t remember what the place was called or even where it was located nor whom built it. There was an underground hunt lodge that had Teepee camps all over the place. It was my absolute favorite. It was amazingly beautiful. Would that have happened to been one of your all’s builds?

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Wasn’t ours, but i swear I’ve see that before :thinking:
I remember loving that place…

I’ve always dreamed of having something similar like it. Yet smaller, I just wouldn’t know how or where to begin

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I’ll see what I can do [no promises :sweat_smile:] about recreating what I can remember of the place!

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I think that was the Portal Seekers’ hunting lodge.


I absolutely loved it. I’m sure You are correct. I can’t remember at all.

That would be amazing

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Nice we are portal neighbors. Welcome to the wall. I’ll check it out the next time I’m around. Maybe build the Estus Cantina.