Super Enriched Bonding Agent


What is it’s purpose?


I’m guessing sapphire tools? Gem tools? I haven’t really looked at that one but enriched, I’ve made for silver and titanium.


Gem tools use Enriched Bonding Agent, not the Super one IIRC.


Should be for specials when they are implemented


Dark matter, blink, rift items.


Right now on live, nothing… It really should had been disabled from crafting.

But we do have some super secret upcoming things :zipper_mouth_face: , so if you have already crafted some keep hold of it

Testing 202: F9 powered Testing!

I though so, I didn’t craft any… yet, but I’m holding on to my Shadow Orbs… the only fright is that because of my stash of they you add it as ingredient to Decorative Stones like you did with wax from waxy earth-yams :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


To be fair, shadow orbs and waxy earthyams are fairly easy to find if you know what you’re looking for


Yes that’s true, but just because we hoard them does not mean they need to be used in current recipes, and I won’t say a word more about this topic :zipper_mouth_face: Thank you for clarifying shadow orbs use :slight_smile:


Shadow Orbs are still used in other things like high end forging!


Forgot about that :grimacing: Anyway don’t mind me, I have tons of issues with the game, things around the game etc, but overall I receive the game positively. Even more than that. I don’t open any other game since servers wipe, and spend all my evenings in the game, and big part of days, instead of doing other important things, like you know… work. And when I read what I wrote in sentence before, I think I have those issues… because I care :scream_cat: :


It is used in the latest decorative blocks (marble and stuff)


Lol, I almost done the same as you, but that post was waaaaaayyyyy before the new blocks were released!


Never hurts, People still do search. Just rare lol


lol whoops