well tonight is the day a supermoon and a lunar eclipse will collide whos gonna watch it


What is a lunar eclipse? I’m on nightshift so may be I can watch it. Quite bright outside ^^

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lunar eclipse is reddish moon

I shall be attending.

Thx for the info. I will keep my eyes open :wink:

So thats will make tonights count to 1 bloodmoon and 5 shootingstars :smiley:

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Glad I got to witness this astronomical rarity :slight_smile: Goodnight, all!

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Fascinating and wonderful at the same time :sunny: :earth_africa: :new_moon_with_face::blush:

:frowning: I saw nothing but clouds

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And I missed it completely^^

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I actually saw it!! and it really did look like this, it was so cool. Sorry you guys missed it


Took this with my phone, too bad I live in a city, it tends to light wash the sky

I thought this shot was cool.


If Elite Dangerous gets it’s planetary landing in some month I will go to the Sol system and land on that thing … the moon is fascinating me since early childhood ^^