Survey #4 going out

How could you do this to me, brother? :sob:

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Oh yeah, deleting it would be a good idea. Here in Germany this clip is only allowed for adult audience :wink: … But Woooohoooo, I love the MK series since the first game :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Um… well… @Cyanizite gets his wish I suppose…

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I would say Farming (and more crafting) too! :corn: :apple: :watermelon: Sorry, but never got into PVP much. RP is much more fun :blush:

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So now the survey is out and i already made a thread for discussing it.

And i must say damn the question about the duration of titan fights got me thinking.

i saw days! and thought wtf?

it was quite tricky though. i am pretty sure they meant ‘‘how long do you need to prepare to fight a titan’’ as in getting mats, consumeables, buffs, equipment etc etc. and not how long that actual fight was. i thought that at first and was like ''you want us to use days on fighting a titan)

That could actually become something intirely else than we immagined up until now.

Just think about how epic that would be though. That would probably mean that it would not be based intirely around hitting the titan but interacting big time with the invironment around it. (Or that is the only way i could see the fighting take days without getting boring)

i have chosen mins (30mins) because i thought they mean how long the titan fight duration should be .

maybe. @james could you please clarify? because it was a very vague question.

i think a bigger titan would be good. lets say you have this big titan which is sleeping and protected by magic shield, 1 hour everyday the titan would wake up, the armor would go down and it would smash around everything around it. basically having a huge zerk fight where getting hit almost instakills you and you constantly need to switch in and out players. something like that i guess.

Yeah I chose minutes because I was like “do I want to spend several hours fighting a monster? Or days? wut ._.”

but if it is preparation time then I would agree with days

even then i would just agree with a few hours (5-6)

anxious to see the results.

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as in you start in a world and you can then beat the titans after 5 hours of gathering gear and playing?

no lol that would be much to easy. i think they should explain this question a bit.

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as i see it there are 2 possible answers

  1. how long should the bossfight of a titan take?
  2. how long should it take from you starting on the tier, to being able to beat the titan take?

i might be wrong, but that is how i read it.

I think the duration of a fight against a titan should take about 30 mins.

And how long it should take from the beginning. I think about 1-2 weeks. if you mean from lv 1.

i think its meant from tier to tier. also i think 30 is a bit long, but possibly. there are also the thing whether it will be in a dungeon type room where it takes time to kill all of the small mobs, matter of taste though.

lets say there are 10 tiers (not official in any way, just for the sake of the argument) how long would you think it should take from starting on a tier to aquire the experience, gear and items needed to kill a titan?

sry my english isnt the best, i dont understand that ^^

Ah yeah. the developers said that we will have tiers in the game, meaning the higher you go the harder things get,

if you assume the lowest plate is tier 1, that is the starting zone, when you have gotten more skilled you will eventually beat the titan and go to the 2nd plate, where everything is harder, repeat to go to 3rd plate. in usual mmos you would call it zones such as level 1 - 10, 10 - 20, 20 - 30… that would be 3 tiers.

i dont know if i can explain it another way, hope you understand :smile: