Survey: Request for question ideas

Some kind if weather survive like cool diffrent weathers

After the great response from the community you said you plan to go bigger. What does this exactly mean? Is it in relation to content, marketing, staff, or ‘simply’ the amount of time you developers put into the creation of your game?

You definetly hit the point with
Beacons (permanent / non permanent -> loss of property/ lootability of property, size, flexibility, ) and
Guilds / Task Forces (progression, anti griefing ideas, non abusability). I recommend 2 systems here, because there are intentions about them, that do not fit together:
Guilds should compete for world dominance <-> join as many guilds as you want to be able to work out diverse projects in “smaller” groups.

Further Topics:
Progression model (linear/exponetial, finite/infinite)?

Achievement model (missions, rewards)?

Energy systems for machines of every kind. i.e. electricity/energy and water pressure. The idea of water power i introduced in topic:

post 35/36. other potential systems?

Use of water (just environment or interactive?) I personally like pipes by the way :wink: lowers the complexity.

Titans and temples (Expectations, ideas)? Especially temples still need a concept.


[This](Continuing the discussion from News: Vote#4 results posted
This is the only one I can find in the search bar. I agree that some of these surveys need to be updated again in a single page.

  • Racial abilities.
    Apparently a second survey on this is necessary, despite the pretty one-sided result of the first one.

  • Purely-Cosmetic wearables
    This is imo a must-have topic in the upcoming survey.

  • The new Artstyle
    A lot of people (including me) are complaining about the new Style of the game not fitting / being worse than the old one (regarding block textures). I think a survey question on this might be appropriate

  • The Creature Set.
    Q: Do you think the list is big enough?
    Q: Do you like the creatures picked (in comparison to the other shared artworks withing each category)
    (I´m not complaining here, I just think that the results of this could be interesting)

  • How many characters per account do you think would be appropriate?

  • Combat related questions like:
    MMORPG-Hotbar vs. “Hotkey-skills” (The Division/Path of Exile) vs. None?
    Crowd Control?

  • How long should it take to reach “endgame”?

  • How hard should the hardest worlds be?

And the (my) all time favorite:

  • PvP
    How many people would like to see PvP in the game and how would they like to experience it?

Regarding beacons, will you guys plan on reducing the amount of beacons that we will have and instead increase the area each beacon fills?

I’d rather have one beacon that takes 16x16 blocks of space than just stacking 8 8x8’s together at this time.


8x8x8 square space or have the option to put individual beacon plot area space one by one square or have wand to make the square space without the hassle by putting it one by one

Now we have a block counter of beacon space can be used so it equals 1536 square space on the floor = 8x8 is 64 square space of one beacon plot which is 24 plots in total right now in the beta. There can still be 8x8x8 as a set piece. Its for precise builds like building a bridge across a natural canvarn without using two beacon plots and instead use one custom beacon plot using the available beacon square space.

For the height of a square space above or below the ground square piece(let’s call it “ground” for the bottom plot and “air” for the upper or lower plot) The air plot needs the ground plot to be able to create structures within that area that will be protected automatically without world regen or players taking up the space. The ground plot and air plot should stay the same amount as the 8x8x8 square space or lowered(your choice devs). 512 is both the air and ground, ground is 64 plot space and the air is 448 plot space.

It will be great to obtain resource plots so if a person want to protect a valuable resource from people the person can build a wall around side, front, back, top and bottom and using their block space

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Questions for the survey guys

It would probably be an idea to pick up some of the old questions again:

Especially these three woud be interesting to pick up again:


Definitly THIS! ^^

My questions have already been mentioned.

Mainly the ones from @Smoothy

Aw, I like the new textures (ignoring the I-think-are-unfinished ones like growth). Igneous stone & its crafted variants are the best ■■■■ ever, etc.

Opinions! Definitely worth a few survey questions


I second this. I especially like the wood plank types as well. Glacier is amazing in the sides/bottom though needs fewer stones on top.

As for glacier, why not just adjust the top textures so that stones only appear in 1-2 tiles rather than 2-3 rocks on top of every tile. Also, the bottom tile of glacier should have many rocks as they tend to get caught in the ice as the glacier moves, though I can see how that would look odd in glacial caves.

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I do believe that there should be a balance between realistic and ideal. This is a voxel world after all. Not second earth :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally like the old stone textures more than the C++ one. Too much detail up close is okay, but from afar it looks like static

I don’t disagree. As for stone, I never liked the vertical lines between columns in the old texture, either.

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Should I make a thread for you guys where you can talk bot how the textures culd be improved, what works and why?

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May be useful.

Another thing worth to put in a survey:

Server Money amount flow / developement:

  • should money be just generated by player themselve? via selling / buying goods and services (with little addition of coin by other sources)? Or do people also want secondary sources to create a profit income? What can other sources be (“quests”, “loot”, other ideas)? Hight profit other sources then buying / selling goods and services probably occure high inflation.
  • do people want inflate system? how to protect a server against inflation (even after several updates)?

value of goods:

  • Would people like to see abandoned goods which get useless after certain progress (like in WOW) or would they like to see also basic goods which are necessary part of crafting cycles? So also common (easy to collect) goods keep their value and necessarity in higher amounts on the market? Would be good for miners especially!
    I already saw the hint of your personal idea, in which you’d like to see all goods always necessary, no matter how far the progress. I would like it the same way :slight_smile:

Some questions to ask about could include:

How varied should biomes be per world - i.e. each world is one extended biome with 3 or 4 block types or each world is made up of lots of different biomes representing a varied and interesting alien world.

Do people like the existing trees - should leaves deteriorate after wood is removed? Should there be more varied sizes, shapes and branch distributions?

Combat: MMO style tab targeting and skill rotations vs spam click on the mosters - should the game be more action style in it’s combat like black desert online or minecraft with real time attacks and dodging :slight_smile: or should it be like wow and gw :(.

How do players want to handle communication in game - traditional series of chat windows allowing players to talk to everyone or something more “immersive” like chat or emotes only being visible to players within a certain distace.

Racial abilities - what kinds of unique abilities do players want to be able to choose from - combat, building, crafting, gathering, utility related.

Moving around - besides portals, what options do players want for moving themselves and items around short, medium and long distances. Railways? Gliders? Movespeed boosting path blocks? Short distance intra-world portals? Item tubes? Cheaty global access to all items and blocks?

Item storage and sorting - do players want to manually sort their items betwixt chests, have their items automatically sorted by the game or do they need to build contraptions that facilititate sorting.

Utility blocks - what kinds of special ability blocks do players want to be able to craft? Move speed boosting blocks, bouncy blocks, slippery blocks, mob-spawn-blocking blocks, slowing blocks, moving-other blocks-around blocks, healing blocks, lighting blocks, noise making blocks, etc.


Should floating blocks regenerate faster than blocks on the ground. Should certain blocks (like leaves) degenerate faster than other blocks?


PvP vs. PvE: should it be mixed in near areas or should it be separated far of each other with distinct zones?
PvP vs. PvE: Should players be able to alter the zones (similar to beacons) or should it be given?
PvP vs. PvE: what should be a good amount (eg. 30% PvP vs. 70% PvE)?
Single player vs. guild activity: personal preference of enjoyable amount (=what should be a good distribution)?
Single player vs. guild activity: should a single player be able to do everything in the game resp. how much of the game is limited to play in guilds (eg. titans)?
Loot: amount vs. value of droped items? -> If titans can only be killed by guilds, should the loot be many similar objects or should it be limited to few extraordinary items (and left to the guild to distribute) or how can it be made fair?

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