Swimming in air, or gleam I guess

Video shows that One can “swim” in a block that has fluid in it, in this case its’s water. Kinda worried about trying it with lava. I took a screenshot above the blocks in question. At the end I show my skill page to show that I don’t have any of the jump epics.

I can definitely see the bug in the video. What are the coordinates of the location?

I made ya an above ground location. Coords in the first screenshot, it’s directly above the other location which can be accessed via the doors under the ramp in the second screenshot which is where my grapple is grappled.
Perrin’s Discount can be accessed via the Biitula PS Hub west side second floor, or the Beckon PS Hub, or the Aquatopian Embassy Shop hub first floor.

Thanks for the location details. I was actually able to reproduce in the area underneath the coordinates specified in the screenshot where the Primordial Resin is, so I’ve added the issue to the bug database.

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Haha I’d put that there to see if I could use it as a ‘conveyer belt’. It only carries the player about 2 meters though…